Happy Endings.


I was beginning to think happy endings only exist in fairytales but don’t give up hope sometimes life has it’s way of creating your very own fairytale. It isn’t easy finding love. When you do find it hang onto it. Love requires compromise it requires strength and most importably it requires understanding.

Sometimes love doesn’t work. No matter what you do it just doesn’t quite work out in the long run. A lot of things can cause the break down of love but sometimes no matter how much time you spend trying to move on the move just doesn’t quite happen. The more you want something in life the more you are willing to work to achieve it. Love is one of the few things in life you can’t really work for. You can work to help it but you can’t force love. Just like you can’t force getting over someone. No matter how much they’ve hurt you sometimes it is a lot harder than just letting go.

When you find true love that does’t work out I don’t believe you will truly get over that person. I think they will always have a piece of your heart. You will always care for them. You will always want the best for them and deep down you probably will hope that one day you love for them will work out. The truth is right now you’ve got to focus on being the best you can be. The one thing that will help you out in this situation is keeping busy. Focus on your passions and grow as a person. Allow yourself time to deal with your feelings but try not to over think the situation. Overthinking is the downfall of the human race.

There is no guarantee what is going to happen in the future all you can do is live life day by day. Keep an open mind. Put positive vibes out to the universe you never know what’s around the corner. That happy ending may just be closer than you think.

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