Sunday Inspiration


Normality is so boring. I grew up in a world that has tried to make me normal. The only thing I have learned about being normal is that life would be boring. I would’t have achieved the things I have in my life and I definitely wouldn’t have the friends I have today because I would just be a walking sheep trying to be something I am not. You can try and be normal all you want but my definition of ‘Normal’ is always going to be different to yours. You’re never going to please everyone, fit into every situation or get the love and support from everyone. The world is a big place it is full of diversity. You yourself are a very important piece of that diversity so embrace yourself. Thank you for being different and making a difference. Step off the concrete path and come walk among the wild flowers. There is a whole world outside ‘Normality’ that is just waiting to be explored. I will meet you right there at the beginning of it.

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