Who Even Are You?

Do you ever have those moments in you life when you stop, take a look around and wonder. Who am I? Where have I come from? Where am I going? Who have I become? I often have moments where life stops in it’s tracks and I struggle to comprehend what my life  has become. I can’t help but get frustrated at the speed my life progresses. People always say life is short make the most of it. Feeling stuck is a feeling that sucks when “life being short” is something that is spoon fed to you since a young age.

Growing old in itself is a scary enough thought without having to worry about success and the pressure that comes with that. The thing that frustrates me the most is when people judge people. Assumptions are made. You’re on the outside looking in. Not really understanding what is going on at all but yet you think you know enough about me, about my life to make some kind of judgement. To be honest no one really knows anything. You see a bunch of tweets, if you think thats all my life is you couldn’t be more wrong. You see some facebook status’s well that’s not my entire life either. No one really ever sees all of a person. Sometimes you don’t see enough of a person until it is too late.

If there is one thing you get from reading this blog I want you to find comfort in yourself. Find comfort in your own skin. Embrace the things you’re not so happy about. Stretch marks don’t define you. The fact you don’t have abs doesn’t make you a bad person. Just because your eyes are further apart than your friends it all really doesn’t matter.

Do you go out of your way to help other people. Would you scarifies something of your own for another person? Do you think about other peoples misfortune and want to help them make a change? Have you ever found beauty in even the strangest thing? You are not a bad person. I’m not going to say everyone is perfect. We all have our downfalls. We all have out bad days. We all have the things we would change if we could. But that is no reason to look down on yourself. You are beautiful. In one way or another you are beautiful. Tell yourself you aren’t but if I had my way and I got to speak the truth to you I would tell you that you are beautiful. There are people who walk around trying to tear people down. Trying to make people feel small. Yes that is a thing. A concept I will never understand but it does in fact happen, every day.

I like to find beauty in the most simple things. Looking at the sky and seeing its blue. Seeing trees and knowing they’re the reason that we’re alive. Walking down the street knowing I may not know who any of these people are but they are an important part of our society. Each and every one of us is unique. We all have a purpose and we all make a difference to someone. Some people have more influence than others but you, yes you reading this post right now are just as important as Barack Obama, as Adele as any member of One Direction.

I don’t care who you are where you’ve come from where you are going, where you might go I just care that we have shared a moment. Life is made up of moments and these moments are what makes you. While you’re sitting there worrying about what you’ve done and what you might become I am sitting here thinking how amazing it would be to share a moment with you. We may not have shared a moment yet but there is nothing stopping us from sharing a moment in the future. Remember these moments you share with people. Life would be dull without moment. Life would be dull without people and I promise you this my life would be dull without you.

Next time you ask yourself “Who even am I” just think… Do I want to box myself into an answer or do I want to set my spirit free and allow it to become its destiny?

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  1. Beautiful! I’m glad to be part of some moments with you, remotely but I do.
    You deserve all good things in the world.

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