“Begin, and when begin isn’t working begin again.”


I often get asked for advise which I kind of find hilarious because a lot of the time I feel like my life is uncontrollable. I find it weird that people trust me enough to ask for advise and I find it weird that they actually listen to what I have to say. One thing I always get asked about is happiness. People always ask how did I become so happy. The truth is I am not always happy. No one is. Happiness comes and goes like most things in life it comes and just as quickly it will go. There is nothing wrong with that. If life was happy all the time you wouldn’t know which parts to enjoy and which parts to try and skip over as quickly as possible.

Happiness is about doing things. It’s about finding the passion that you want to follow. Everyone has passion in different areas. I was lucky to find my passion when I was quite young. For some people really knowing what your passion is doesn’t come until later in life. That is the best thing about life there is no right or wrong way to live it. The experience of ‘life’ is different for every person that walks this earth. Even identical twins have a different experience. You might be into science and your twin might be into drama. You’ve just got to try and fit as much into your life as possible in the time that you’re given. No one truly knows when their time is up. When you depart this place you want to look back and think wow I did all of that? You want to look back and be proud of the person you were. I am not saying you will be proud of everything because you won’t you’re a human, just like me, just like your parents and their parents. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has those moments they’re not proud of its just a natural part of life. But life goes on.

I have a motto in life. “Begin, and when begin isn’t working begin again.” Basically what this means is you’ve got to start if things don’t work out start again. What ever situation is going on you just have to do it. Whether you’re looking for a new job, starting university, dealing with a break up, losing a friend or loved one begin, and when begin isn’t working begin again. There is no wrong or right way of living life you’ve got to go through the motions to figure it out. Rather than looking at what other people have done in their lives and wanting what they want, or wanting to do what they do. Look at your own life and do something for yourself. Think of the things you want to achieve and go do them. Nothing is holding you back when you begin. It may not happen the first time but if it doesn’t when you finally do make it happen the reward will be so much more worthwhile. Work for what you deserve and take the three B’s with you. Breath, Believe and BEGIN!

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