The Ups, the Downs and the Inbetween.

A persons life is made up of moments. Each moment is created by a decision. The Decisions you make create consequences which can go one of two ways. Positive or Negative are the two outcomes from the decisions we make. Whether we like to admit it or not we are all spiritual beings. Our spirituality effects the way we interact with people, the way we feel about ourselves and eventually how we feel.

Do you ever just sit there thinking about something that has happened in your life and you just sit there asking questions. Why did this happen, was it something I did, could I have done something differently, how can I change what has happened, will this ever work out, am I just over reacting? And then it gets to the point where you just don’t want to think about it ever again. But you continue to think about it anyway. You tell yourself you don’t care but you do. You just can’t escape that helpless feeling.

Sometimes you don’t get to call the shots. You just have to do what you can with what you’ve got and someone else makes the decisions. You might have done everything you possibly could to make a situation the best it could be. Maybe your best wasn’t enough for that someone. Whether it be a job or a personal situation the hardest part of rejection is all the questions you’re left asking. Forget those questions. Forget the rejection. For just this moment think of all the incredible things you’ve got going on. Think about the incredible world around you. Yes rejection hurts and you’re probably feeling worthless right now but there will come a time when you realise you’re better off without that person, job, friend, what ever it was you were wanting you will learn to live life without it.

I have come to realise that my spectrum of emotion is large having a large spectrum of emotion isn’t always a bad thing but sometimes it can get in the way which is extremely frustrating.  If you imagine the speed dial on a car picture Happy on one side and sad on the other my speed dial only goes Happy or Sad there isn’t really an in between. It is great when there is equilibrium (balance) in my life as generally I am extremely happy but sometimes the stars don’t align and my happiness flicks to the complete opposite spectrum. I just want you to know that having a bad day isn’t a bad thing I have bad days at the time I hate it. It SUCKS! But the bad days make the good days feel all the better. If you’re like me and have a broad spectrum of emotion there are two things that will help you 1 is exercise the other is creation. When you’re feeling low do some exercise or create something when you feel productive you will regain some self worth and your on the road back to happiness.

While having a bad day is completely natural don’t allow someone else to determine how your day will end. When you lay your head on your pillow tonight it is you that is going to determine how you wake up tomorrow. Don’t dwell in the past about what something could have been. Learn from the situation and do what you can to make the future brighter. I know you’ve got the strength to carry on. I look forward to seeing your smile real soon 🙂 x

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