Hardships are a part of life that no one can escape while a lot of people see hardships as a negative I think we need to reassess the situation. Hardships are a time of challenge they can be daunting and yes they will test you but are they a bad thing. The simple answer is no. Every hardship you experience is an opportunity. An opportunity to feel defeated or to drive you to a new destiny.

While hardships are testing they are also preparing you for a brighter future. If you can get through the hardships and come out the other side a better person that is when you’re winning. Forgiveness is important with hardships try not to blame the people around you or yourself for that matter. You must forget and forgive in order of moving on.

While you might not enjoy the hard times view them as a blessing view them as an opportunity to show your strength or problem solving abilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your hard times and make sure you are surrounded by people that love and support you.

When you encounter a tough situation write down your ideal outcome and do everything in your power to make that positive a reality. You have the power to overcome what ever hardship is going on in your life. When you reach the other side look back and be thankful for the journey. Never forget the hardships you endure but don’t dwell on them either.

All the best with your hardships remember I’m on the sideline cheering you on!

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