Looking for love? Maybe Love is Looking for YOU!?

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 12.25.25 pmQuote found by Rubina

My entire life I have been on a quest to find love it is only recently that I have realised you can’t search for love. You can try all you want but true love find you. It will find you in the strangest place. At the strangest time. When you are least expecting it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t put in any effort because love isn’t easy but you really don’t need to search for it.

One day someone will walk into you life and it will just work. I totally understand if you don’t believe me I wouldn’t believe me either until a couple of weeks ago when this happened. I am not saying I am in love because it’s only been a few weeks and I think to really get to know a person you need to know them a little longer than that but to me this feels like the beginning of something special and that for me is exciting. I wish everyone in the world could feel this feeling and I completely believe it will happen for you too. Maybe not today, this week, this month or even this year but one day somewhere you will meet someone who lights up the world around you.

Try not to allow yourself to become bitter. When love doesn’t work out it hurts, you put up walls and try not to allow people in because you don’t trust them. I’ve been there I know that exact feeling… or something similar at least. When you meet a new person it’s important not to compare them to anyone else. This is a completely new person who is taking as much of a chance with you as you are with them. Treat the special person in you life with love and respect. Think if you had kids how you would want someone else to treat them. That is how you should treat the special person in your life.

While you learn a lot from relationships that don’t work out remember why they did’t work but don’t live in the past look forward to the future take a leap and look forward to the times to come. You’ve got the ability to shape your future but the past has happened and there really isn’t a whole lot you can do about it.

While you’re waiting for love to find you hold your friends close and make sure you go on adventures. Remember to be patient and don’t rush into anything. Good luck may the stars be in your favour! ❤

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