Misadventure, Adventure, Conquer.

perfectionIf this is your first time reading my blog you probably won’t yet know that I LOVE adventures. If it is your first time reading thanks so much for stopping by. If you’re coming back hello again thanks for returning I hope this blog finds you in a positive frame of mind. Ok back to adventures they are great.

While there are so many incredible adventures to get involved in life has it’s fair share of misadventure too. The things in life that stop us reaching our full potential. There are so many things holding us back, trying to get in our way and shading us from the future. Past relationships, self esteem, confidence, anxiety, body image there really is an endless list. Let’s call them insecurities they are the cause of misadventure. For every action there is a consequence. In this situation insecurities are the direct consequence of miss adventure.

Bad relationship is the situation break up is the consequence.
Low self worth is the situation bad self esteem is the consequence.
Being afraid is the situation lack of confidence is the consequence.

I think you get the picture every action, situation, thought and feeling has a consequence.

I guess what I am trying to say is surround yourself with positivity. You want to be the best that you can be it might not be easy but it is definitely possible. It could be as easy as thinking about a situation from a slightly different perspective. Let’s just say you want to get fitter. You can’t just expect to run a marathon after a week. Set yourself goals that are achievable, don’t over do it. Make it fun treat yourself when you achieve your goals. I am not saying chocolate or candy if that’s your thing who am I to judge but it could be a new pair of running shoes or something that is going to help you achieve more goals.

Be realistic with your goals if being confident is something you struggle with you can’t just say I want to be more confident. How are you going to become more confident. It could be wearing a really bright colour that you don’t usually wear. Try not to think what other people are saying or thinking about you. If it makes you happy who are they to judge?

What ever are you want to improve there is nothing at all stopping you from achieving that goal. If you are afraid that is totally fine. Trying is one step closer to success than not trying at all. The truth is it’s ok to be afraid being afraid means you’re stepping outside your comfort zone challenging yourself to become, stronger, wiser or just to try something new. We should always push beyond our comfort zones but there also needs to be balance in life.

You don’t want to injure yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. Your body is the only one you have in this life be kind to it. Put good things into it and get good things out of it. I’m not saying you need to become arrogant or up yourself. But take care of yourself. Love yourself (in a good way).

We all have things that we would change about ourselves if we could. Life isn’t perfect. People are not perfect. Perfection isn’t a thing it is an idea. The issue with an idea is the blur of perception or one beings idea being different to the next. I guess what I am trying to say is that perceptions can’t be moderated it can’t be calculated and can become over bearing if you aren’t aware of it.

When you’re setting goals don’t worry about other people. You are your own person. You don’t need to be the next anyone. You don’t need to be as good as anyone. You are unique. You can be the first you and the best you. The adventure starts with you… when you’re ready of course. What ever your adventure is go get it.

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