Take Action



A lot of people have been asking me recently how I am so happy all the time. My first thought I am not happy all the time. I do have my fair share of not so happy days I just try to focus on the good and let the bad slide. In a week if one out of 7 days is good I consider that to be a good week. A positive mind frame can be the difference between one rough day and a whole bunch of them. The thing about having bad days is not dwelling on them. Life provides us with plenty of opportunities along with those opportunities it also provides us with a lot of challenges. While sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by these challenges they aren’t going to change themselves.

When I was younger if there was something troubling me I would work myself into a rage. I would get so mad or upset that I couldn’t see sense. I didn’t know what to do with myself nor the situation that had me angered in the first place. It can be hard sometimes but rather than focusing on the thing that is frustrating you try and think of a solution to fix it. I guess it is kind of like setting goals only this way it is opposite. Right now you’re in a situation which is having negative effects on you. The goal is some kind of solution ideally something to prevent this situation happening again and  again. When you think you have a solution try it? If it works out celebrate your triumph if not don’t let it get to you! You’re not going to succeed if you don’t try.

If you aren’t happy with something in you life that is totally fair but no one is going to change it for you. If you don’t like the way things are happening you need to make changes for yourself. If it is someone elses actions that are hurting you talk to them about it. Tell them how they make you feel and if that isn’t enough for them to change their ways maybe it is time to re-think their influence in your life.

If you’re struggling to make the change on your own talk to someone around you it is totally ok to ask for help. Life didn’t provide us with an instruction Manuel. Mistakes are there to be made, they are there to learn from. The experience of life provides us with negatives to make our positives feel so much better. Next time you’re having a bad day think about how great you will feel when you experience another good day. As much as you can make positive changes in you life patients is key. There is no real way of knowing when the next positive day will come but if you believe in it it will happen.

All the best in making your situation a happy one 🙂

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