You And I.

Do you ever have a scenario going round and round in your mind the more you think about it the more you get confused and the more you get confused the more annoyed you get? I have so many thoughts and feelings going through my head right now. Usually when this happens I look for comfort in music.

While my brain spins into overtime Bea Miller ‘Fire & Gold’ is my comfort song. While I am a massive believer in finding happiness in yourself before seeking relationships. I have always liked having a special someone to share moments together. I’ve never really had the best luck with relationships but when something good comes along it’s hard not to get excited. I have come to realise that while you need to look out for yourself if you want a relationship to work you have to fully give yourself to that significant other. Of course it is important to maintain your own hobbies and have your own friends you need to be able to speak about your feelings with them. You need to be able to show them that you care about them and they should reciprocate those feelings.

All my life I’ve been waiting to meet that special someone. Someone who I feel completely comfortable around. Someone I can introduce to my family. That one person who you don’t need to impress you can just be yourself, go on adventures together someone that is happy to just spend time together. This summer I found that person. But like every good story it was’t ever going to be that easy. The good things of life are always the hardest. The issue with this particular relationship is distance. While I live at one end of the country and you now live at the other just know there isn’t a minute that goes by when I don’t think about you. Right now I am unsure of our future but deep down I am hoping that eventually this distance brings us closer together.

While questions fill my mind faster than I can answer them there is one line of ‘Fire & Gold’ that sticks out to me.

“I don’t believe in magic, I believe in me and you.”

When you find that special someone in your life believe in them 100% have no doubts in them. Keep their interests at heart and don’t be afraid to tell them how you’re feeling. There is nothing more beautiful than human connections. Never be ashamed of the love that you feel. The feelings that you share.  All the best on your quest for love!



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