This weekend has been a massive eye opener for me. I try not to care what people think of me and I don’t really care what I look like. Most of my clothes are fairly generic but I do have a couple of outfits which are a bit out there. Nothing too extravagant, they’re just a bit of fun.

This weekend being easter weekend I have a bit of time off work so I am having a few days off in my home town. The first day I was home I decided to wear a matching print outfit. I didn’t really put much thought into wearing this it was just the outfit on the top of my bag so I wore it. I’ve worn the exact same outfit many times in Auckland and people don’t really look twice at it or if they do I don’t really notice. I wore this outfit to walk around the mount and then we got take out to eat on the beach.

At first I was getting a lot of people staring at me which I didn’t really think too much about after a while the stares turned into laughs which turned into people almost falling on the ground laughing at me. I wasn’t trying to attract attention or be different or individual or anything I was just being me and I like matching print outfits. At first I was a bit offended that people were laughing at me. While I walked on it happened on more than one occasion to the point an entire family stopped moved to the side of the footpath pointed and laughed. In the end I just started waving to people because what am I supposed to do. It’s not like I did’t notice them but it’s not like I really care about their opinions either. They are just people that I’ve seen on the street. People I will probably never see again. People who have judged me for my choice of clothing. People who have formed an exterior opinion of me. I find it funny that someone can form an opinion so quickly about someone they’ve only seen. They haven’t heard me speak. They know nothing about me. When this all started happening it made me feel anxious. I felt bad for my parents. My parents are very different to me. They’re very low key and don’t like to attract attention. I knew all of this was making them feel extremely uncomfortable. If I had a change of clothes with me I would have got changed just so they didn’t have to worry about it. I’m not really worried if people laugh at me or form an opinion about me but I know it effects them. They just want the best for me and I appreciate that. They’ve been there for me through thick and thin they are the ones who have supported me and allowed me to be the person that I am. It is their support and love that gives me the determination to be who I am.

I am not sorry for who I am. I am not sorry for wearing a matching outfit. I will never be ‘normal’ I don’t believe that normality is a thing. Normality is an idea. Normality is a concept people have created so they don’t feel out of place. The truth is being out of place is fun. You don’t need a place to feel good. You don’t need a place to be loved. You just need to be yourself and someone will love you. You might not feel love 100% of the time but learn to love yourself and I promise there will be someone out there who loves you too. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Being an individual isn’t all bad. I’m not saying go out there with the intention of being different for the sake of it but who you are isn’t worth changing because someone else can’t accept you. Don’t follow the crowd. You don’t have anything to apologise for!

I made this quote and I hope it helps you.

“When people laugh at you for being different. Walk with confidence, you’ve opened their mind to something new.”

That is my challenge to you this week. No matter what happens find the confidence to trust yourself and be who you are no matter what!

Have a great week! ❤

One thought on “Confidence

  1. Great opinion! Loved your Quote. People should always act normal, they shouldn,t change their attitude to become unique because everyone is unique when they act with their own interests. Thanks for the article/essay.

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