Moving On


For the most part this statement is true. But with every statement there are statistics and I don’t believe in the absolute which means this statement is partially true. Sometimes it is easier to fake a smile and put on a brave face but that isn’t going to change the way that you are feeling. It is totally fine to have a bad day. It is perfectly acceptable to not feel great about yourself. Just because you’re having a bad day it doesn’t mean you’ve got a mental health issue. Nor does it mean there is something wrong with you. Maybe you need some compassion. Maybe you need a friend. Maybe some solitude. What ever it is you need find it for yourself. Find yourself a friend who truly cares. Look to music to find that comfort. While right now you might feel awful just remember one day this too will pass.

Nothing in this life is eternal. You can fall from the top. You can climb from the bottom. You can become anything you want to and you definitely can turn a bad day around. I’m not saying everyone in this world is a good person or even that they will care about you but I can tell you this. The more assholes you meet the more you will appreciate that someone who really does care about you. Sometimes the best thing is standing right in front of you and you don’t even realise it. Just know that when you come to your senses that thing/person might not be there when you come to your senses. At this time there isn’t much you can do. Learn from this situation. Don’t over think it but remember how it feels when someone walks away from you. Try not to ever make someone else feel that way.

Anyway this is just a reminder that someone does care. ❤ Hope you’ve had a great week!


One thought on “Moving On

  1. I love this! It makes me relise I definitely shouldn’t take anything for granted, its the small things in life that makes me who I am. For example I wouldn’t be who I am today without you Cam. This may seem cheesy I know but I honestly speak the truth. You have taught me so much in life. I’ve gained confidence, just you writing these helps me and many others. You inspire me so much. But most importantly I’ve made a friend, you who I can continue to make more memories with:) even though I know we live in different parts of our country I feel I have made a close friend even though we’ve only ever meet once. You continue to teach me and help me through life:) I thought I would share this with you in hope to maybe even light up your night or put a smile on your face:) I just want you to know your important to me (: ❤

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