Every person is guilty of this. No matter how much we try and let go of the things we shouldn’t let effect us we do. As humans our over arching desire is to please. We want to make the people around us happy. We want people to feel comfortable around us and we want to feel comfortable around other people. Humans are somewhat selfish in the sense of wanting to do things but for personal gain as much as helping someone else. Quite often we will subconsciously be thinking what’s in this for me?

Life is made of moments these moments are created by memories both positive and negative. I know personally I am forever holding on to the negative. These are the things that I should forget. I often forget the positives which are the things I should definitely be remembering. This week has had it’s fair share of ups and downs. I love social media. I think it is an incredible way to interact with people that have similar interests that I do. I think it’s an amazing way to communicate directly with the listeners of my radio show. The thing I don’t like about social media is the fact that it gives everyone a voice, everyone has an opinion. While usually this is a good thing there is a small minority of people who take it into their own hands to try and pull other people down.

This week those people have been one of my main frustrations. I try not to think about it too much because thinking about it doesn’t really solve the issue. The fact is nothing really is going to solve the issue. While I can stand up to their pointless arguments I’ve also got the opportunity to just ignore them and continue doing what I love. No one is going to stop me from doing the things that I love. Anytime someone tries it just gives me more determination to keep going. Just because someone else has an opinion it doesn’t mean their opinion is right and it doesn’t mean you need to listen to them. Be the person that proves them wrong. Be the person who is successful. Be the bigger person.

Bullies, people throwing shade, trolls… what ever you want to call them. They’re all the same. They are just lonely and jealous of what ever it is that you are doing. You have no need to listen to them. Focus on the positive. Keep being the best that you can be and if all else fails just dance I know that always makes me feel better!

Hope you have a great week!

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