The Urge To Try Again


Isn’t it weird how someone can have such an impact on your life. You may not have seen them or even spoken  to them in months but they are still the one person you can’t stop thinking about. They are the one thing making your life incomplete. When everything stops they are the one person your mind wanders to.

I know that everything happens for a reason. I know that sometimes people don’t deserve second chances but what if this person does deserve a second chance. What if this time apart was just so you can realise that you really are right for each other.

What if you live the rest of your life asking yourself what if. What if I gave this a chance. What if I wasn’t so stubborn? What if things were different? What if we tried one more time. Rather than wondering what if I think it is time to pick up the phone, get in your car. What ever way you want to make contact if you still think about that person who is missing from your life I think it’s time you do something  about it.

Whether it’s a friend you’ve grown apart from or maybe an old romance that ended don’t become that person who wonders what if. You never know how another person is feeling until you talk to them.

As I said earlier everything happens for a reason and what will be will be. If you’re going to put the effort in you need equal buy in from your better half. Don’t try and push things. Eventually you will know whether or not you actually need this person in your life. Sometimes the mind plays tricks so don’t rush into anything too quickly. Take things slow and just see what happens.

If things don’t work out this time. Get back up and keep going. If you need a shoulder an ear or just someone to chat to I’m always here 🙂 ❤ May the odds ever be in your favour!

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