When you see half a glass of water is that glass half full? Or is it half empty? I know it’s a cliche it’s a figure of speech but actually it says a lot about a person. If you’re the kind of person that worries about all of the things that could go wrong I totally understand I am with you on this one. Am I making a fool of myself, is my heart going to get broken, am I making the right decision, could I get hurt. You always want to make sure your safe but at the same time you just need to let go and take a leap of faith sometimes. I am not saying try and beat the train across the tracks. I am not saying you should just quit your job because you might get another job somewhere else. I am saying have a bit of faith in yourself put yourself out there, try new things.

If you’re the kind of person who goes through life day by day sitting at your desk thinking about the things you want to do but not actually doing them. It is time to make a change. It is time to make a change for the better. Rather than getting bitter about the things that aren’t happening in your life be thankful for the things that are happening. Being happy that today is an opportunity. Get excited by the fact that you can control your destiny. Ask yourself how much longer am I going to sit here and do these mundane things?

If you aren’t happy with the life that you’re living then you are entitle to make those changes. This is your life you are allowed to do what you want with it. Chase love half way around the world, go back to university and study brain surgery, go on a trip to Africa and help build a water pump. What ever it is that is in the back of you mind. What ever dream you have it is up to you but you can turn it into a reality if that is what you want.

Nothing is holding you back. Nothing is stopping you. The power lies within you! Find the strength and determination. Find your spark and passion this is your life now get out there and live it!

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