Live In The Moment.

To live in the moment is to forget the future. To live in the moment you must free your soul. You must let go of the consequences. Be at one with yourself mind, body and soul align and you have the power to achieve greatness.

While understanding the definition of living in the moment isn’t difficult, living in the moment isn’t as easy as it seems. For something that sounds so simple it comes with much difficulty. It requires control, patients the ability to be free and most importantly it requires freedom. While living in the moment isn’t always the best option sometimes you just need to do it.

One day you will meet someone and every idea you’ve had about your life will go out the window. Every ambition is there but a million times stronger. Your dreams of living in another city might move from one side of the world to the other but if you’re going to be closer the compromise is worth it. Who knows if you will continue to be together. Who knows if you will remain in contact. Who knows if you will settle as friends and still experience the world with one another. There really is so many options. There is so many outcomes. Life doesn’t come with a guide. It doesn’t come with a right or wrong way of living. How the hell are you supposed to know what to do? This is something I worry about every day. I am not worried about what people think. I am not worried about failure. I am worried about not making a difference. I am worried about being lonely and the thing I fear the most is not making the most of life.

I’ve been working away in a similar area for a few years. While my life does have some variation and I am happy I’m just not feeling that same spark for life that I used to. I am not excited to wake up in the morning. There are certain aspects of life I enjoy but I know there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. I am ready to go and see it. There is one major factor stopping me from experiencing those places I’ve always dreamed of visiting. Like many people money is the main issue.

One day you will take a look at your life and wonder what you’re living for. That is me right now. I live for my career I am owned by my career it is my career that gives me any sort of satisfaction. I don’t think this is a healthy way of living. You need more in your life than a career. It is important to have friends, have a social life, have freedom, have the ability to go on adventures. To be happy your life must have substance. In order of finding substance you need experience to have experience you need to do things. Travel, get lost, try something new, get lost again, reflect, get lost and don’t be afraid.

For too long I have lived my life being safe. I haven’t ever taken any risks. Everything has been so calculated. I am so ready for an adventure. I am so ready for a new chapter. I can’t wait to feel alive. I can’t wait to spread my wings and see where I end up. Life is about experience. It’s better to try and see what happens than to never know what could have happened.

Life is too short to sit around and not experience the world. Life is too short to sit around complaining about your situation. Life is about making the most of every opportunity. It is about living in the moment. It is about letting go of all your fears. It’s about finding yourself. Its about creating yourself. It’s about losing yourself. Life is about living for yourself. As selfish as that sounds sometimes you just have to do it!

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