Progress > Perfection


Sometimes in life we get way too caught up in trying to be perfect. It’s so important to take a step back and look at the wider picture. Where did your journey start? Where are you now? What progress have you made? I’ve said this before and I will say it again celebrate the successes no matter how small you think they are.

It is totally natural to want to do your best. For a multitude of reasons it may not feel like you’re doing your best but the thing is perfection doesn’t actually exist. It’s not attainable and the quicker you understand that the more happiness you will feel. In an ideal world you’d live the perfect life, have a great salary, a house with a picket fence, 2 dogs a cat children that are straight a students. Your house would have that really nice soft grass that you see in movies… I hate to break it to you but that just isn’t going to happen. You might achieve all your goals and you might be completely content in life and that’s definitely not a bad thing but perfection isn’t something that can happen.

As long as you’re taking steps forward, learning achieving and progressing you’re walking in the right direction. We all go through periods of stagnantatnon and this isn’t a bad thing either. While you’re in a rut remember that feeling allow the feeling of going nowhere be you determination to keep going. Let it be the inspiration that gets you by.

While you’re making progress don’t forget to have fun. Balance is the most important thing you can have in life. While you’re making progress in your career try to make time for your friends, relationships and family build those relationships. Not all success comes in the form of money or career success. There are so many different aspects of your life that you can focus on. Sometimes it’s those areas that are the most rewarding. Allow yourself time to be spiritual and get to know your sensual side as well.

Hope you’ve had a great day <3


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