A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life


I am a massive believer in your life becoming your thoughts which is why I try and always keep positive people and positive thoughts around me. In a world with so much negativity it is sometimes really difficult to try and stay positive. It seems like everything is just trying to bring you down. But you can’t let the negative influences get to you.

Today has been a great day I am super lucky in the fact that I work with some of my best friends. I really enjoy my job and the people make it all the more enjoyable. It is totally normal to have days that are a little off and days where things just get in the way. Today thankfully isn’t one of those days however there was a situation that came about that has got me thinking.

I was in a car driving to pick something up and while I was stopped at the traffic lights a man began cleaning the back window of the car. I knew he would come to the window which is when I felt bad because I didn’t have my wallet on me. I was scrambling to try and find some coins in the car but there literally wasn’t any. When he came around to my window I put it down and as politely as possible said that I didn’t have my wallet. He began yelling obscenities at me saying how
“tight” I was. I apologised to him again, keeping in mind I never actually asked him to clean the window in the first place. At the time I was annoyed that he had been so rude to me. I was frustrated that just because I am in a better position than him that he took that out on me. I am not saying it’s his fault that he is in a  worse position and maybe he is happy living the life he leads which is totally fine but there is no need for someone to be so rude to a complete stranger.

Usually I would get so worked up about a situation like this and get annoyed angry or just continue to think about all of the things I could have or maybe should have said back to him. While I could think about this for the next few hours and stew about how annoyed I was it’s better to just let it go.

It’s the same situation at work if someone says or does something that you don’t agree with you’ve got to think about the effects, consequences and evaluate whether it is even worth your wile being angry or annoyed about the situation. Most moments of tension blow over pretty quickly and if they don’t maybe then you should speak up about it.

Try and fill your mind with positive thoughts where possible. I know that can be hard sometimes when nothing seems to be going right but  life isn’t always going to be a breeze. Turn the negative thoughts to positive ones as soon as possible and get on with life. Enjoy the simple moments and try to let go as much as possible. A minute thinking negative thoughts is a positive minute that you’ve wasted.

Not every minute can be a positive one but you can try and make as many of them positive as possible and it all starts in your mind!

My challenge to you… Try and keep your mind as positive as possible this weekend!

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