So here’s the thing I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today and I suddenly realised that each person has things they think about. Each person has things that are important to them. Each person has an opinion. The thing I love about twitter is how easy it is to share your thoughts. I asked my twitter followers to tell me what they were thinking at the exact moment that they read my tweet and here’s what they said…

This is one of those first world problems the answer is so logical but still you just can’t bring yourself to doing it. There is nothing wrong with that. Trust me you’re not alone on this one. Good luck finding the strength to get up and make that food… I hope it’s chicken nuggets!

This is one of those YOLO moments. You know it might not be the best for you but you do it anyway. I mean there is no time like the present I admire your spontaneity! But do drink responsibly 🙂

Ok well to answer your first question chicken nuggets is the only option. I can’t really help with the back thing but I really do hope it helps soon. And yeah chicken nuggets… the only answer to cure hunger!

It means a lot that you’re taking so much consideration. I wish there were more people like you in the world!

There really is no place like bed!

Sorry there isn’t anything I can do about the temperature but I really do hope the temperature comes down and that it all becomes more bearable for you!

I love how you are so random. Diversity makes life so much more fun and more interesting! Being ‘normal’ isn’t something you should even consider! Just keep being you!

Ok confidence is key! But you don’t need to loose weight to be more confident. You won’t feel more confident because you loose weight. You will actually get confidence from wanting to do something and actually achieving it! Set more goals and achieve them and you will feel successful and feel more confident. You don’t need to loose weight. Love the skin you’re in!

You are a girl after my own heart!

Well you’re definitely wrong because I don’t really know you so I can’t not like you. I really hope your dream of meeting Darren soon!

This is a tough one. If I had the answer I quite honestly would be a millionaire. I guess you have to try and think about that sick feeling before you eat it to try and prevent you from eating it. This can be really difficult with something as delicious as Mac n Cheese! Good luck! I believe in you!

That’s an amazing goal to have and I really hope it comes true!

Stealing… not cool. Borrowing with no intention of replacement on the other hand completely viable in the flat code!

Food is usually the 1 thing that I am thinking about too. The truth is food is just a short walk away. Find your way to the kitchen or the nearest McDonalds and get yourself some chicken nuggets!

I swear Oprah should be the Queen of the USA! Do I get one of those Eggs.

You’re probably wondering why I wanted to post this blog. I wanted to show you that diversity is a thing. I wanted to show you that every person is thinking a different thing. People have their own needs desires and wants in life. While yeah you might have something going on in your life other people have things going on too. Try not to be selfish. Yes deal with what it is that’s going on with you but try and make time to support those people around you as well.

It’s the simple things that give people a sense of importance. Be clear what you’re wanting from a situation. Feelings and emotions are a grey area try and be as real as possible. Try and communicate those thoughts emotions and feelings.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with me!

Hope you’ve had/are having/will have an amazing day! <3

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