Life gets busy and sometimes you don’t have time to be organised. You don’t have time to go to the supermarket. You don’t have time to make healthy food you don’t have time to exercise and eventually you’ve got 3 weeks worth of washing in a backlog, you run out of clothes to wear. You feel bad for eating bad. You feel guilty for putting on weight and your life is beginning to spiral into negativity.

Yep I’ve been there too. It’s the worst the more you do nothing about it the worse it will get. Obviously you have to enjoy life and can’t take it seriously but when you’re feeling good and you’re feeling productive you’ll enjoy the good bits all the more. I suggest trying to come up with a routine. Being in a routine will make your time management better and will enable you to get more out of your days.

Plan your meals. If you know you’ve got something after work try and take extra food to eat before you head out or if there’s nothing in the fridge choose a healthy option while you’re out. A salad rather than a burger, sushi rather than pizza. It’s not super difficult to eat healthy.

Make sure you have breakfast. I know it sounds dumb but seriously 5 minutes having breakfast in the morning will prevent you snacking one something you don’t need to snack on an hour later.

Exercise is inaugural to living the “healthy body healthy mind” cliché but it is one that I do like to abide by. It really only takes 20 minutes a day. You might not have 20 minutes every day but even ever second day is better than not exercising at all. If you have to go out and buy some new gym gear to get you motivated and just think summer is just around the corner. Feeling healthy will make you feel more confident at the beach!

Try and keep your environment tidy. I like to have a clean tidy house… Ok you got me my room is a tip but I do feel better when it’s tidy, try to tidy it then make the effort to keep it tidy that way you won’t feel like you’ve wasted time cleaning it up. Work is a creative environment. I like to have a few creative things around me to keep me inspired… Pictures of Harry Styles, chicken nuggets and cute animals all great options.

In the meantime make time to do something fun once a week. Ice skating, bowling, watching a movie, a road trip? What ever you enjoy spend a bit of time each week doing that activity!

Have a great week! ❤

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