Influence can come in many ways, shapes and forms. For the majority I believe that influence is negative. I think social media is one of the most negative influences that have spawned because of humanity. I already know what you’re thinking. Cam you live your life on social media what are you talking about? Yes I know what you’re thinking and social media can be a really great place but I am carful in making sure that I follow positive people. Like in real life I choose who I interact with on social media. If someone is a negative influence in my life I don’t want to spend time with them just as much as I don’t want to read negative Tweets, Instagrams or Facebook posts.

Before we get truly started what is influence?

“The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.”

Ok so here’s the thing you will meet people who will lift you up you will meet people who will inspire you and you will meet people who will try and bring you down. You will meet people that will try and leech from your success. You will meet people who will say bad things about you to your face, behind your back to your friends, to your family. The thing is we’ve all got choices in life and as much as you get to choose which music you listen to, which movies you watch, which clothes you wear you are entitled to choose your friends. You can choose the people you want to share you time with. There is no wrong or right way to live life but don’t try and fit in. Be yourself people will love you or hate you but that’s what makes life so exciting.

I am a massive believer in gut instincts, chances are if something doesn’t feel right it isn’t right. You could just pretend everything is fine and roll with it or you can stand up for yourself and do something about it. If someone is treating you in a way you don’t like tell them. Don’t ever do something for someone that you haven’t decided to do yourself. Your friends can’t control you, the shouldn’t manipulate you and if they do ask yourself is it worth the hurt to include them in your friend circle. You might not want to cut them from your life completely that’s rather extreme but evaluate the situation and find a conclusion that you’re comfortable with.

A lot of people ask me about confidence. I believe that confidence stems from your inner soul. Try to find comfort in your own company don’t be afraid to do things on your own. When you’re feeling content in yourself build these friendships. The people around you will enjoy your confidence and will boost you up this will help add to your confidence. No one has the right to belittle you or make you feel bad. If a friend is making you feel that way ask yourself are they a good influence.

There are so many different influences and so many different ways that people can influence you. Don’t be afraid to live your life. Don’t be afraid to be an individual. Don’t be afraid to be alone and most importantly keep those positive influences close by.

If you haven’t found that positive influence in your life don’t feel down about it. Everything happens for a reason and there will be a time you need a positive light more than ever and I believe the universe will provide just what you need. Put it out there and ask for help. It might come in the form of a fluffy white rabbit but the world works in strange ways!

Go Get Em! <3

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