The Weekend

The weekend is a great time. It’s a time to reflect on the week. Recap the highs and the lows you experienced. Think about the things you set out to achieve celebrate what you did achieve, work on anything you didn’t quite check off the to do list and get excited that next week is another opportunity. While you’re reflecting it is super important that you take time out for yourself I like to have a list of 6 things each weekend that I like to do 3 things that are chores which will help me have a better week the next week and 3 things that I just do for fun.

1. Washing – I don’t enjoy doing washing but I always feel so much better when it’s done.
2. Clean my room – again this is something I don’t enjoy but when everything is in order I feel more productive.
3. Groceries – I HATE the supermarket with a passion but get it out of the way and the weeks already better!

1. Go for a walk – I enjoy being outside and walking allows you to clear your head.
2. Go to the pet store – when I’m in Auckland I miss my dog so much so I visit the pets at the pet store…
3. TREAT YOURSELF – whether you’re a chicken nuggets kinda person or chocolate indulge it’s the weekend after all.

I hop you’ve got time to have some fun this weekend. Spend your time wisely but don’t think about it too much just enjoy those simple moments of pleasure. Share your time with the people you love and if all else fails spend it alone. Sometimes I am most inspired by my own company. You really don’t know what you’re capible of by yourself until you try! (Yes that is a challenge). All the best for a fun weekend! I expect a full report in the comments below on Sunday evening… or now telling me what you plan on doing! I’d love to hear from you!

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