“Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like A Somebody”

First we need to define being a somebody and let’s not get confused. Being someone isn’t being famous, it’s not about wealth it’s not about buying your friends gifts or trying to impress them it’s about being there to support them. It’s about being kind, caring for your friends and showing them the respect that they deserve.

In life we get so caught up going about our lives we don’t often think about the people around us. When was the last time you did something for someone else. When was the last time you talked to someone about what’s going on in their life without turning it around to be about yourself. While it’s important to do the things for yourself I think it’s just as important to do things for other people too. It doesn’t have to be big stuff that costs a lot of money it can be as simple as shouting a friend a coffee, making time to hang out with them without being on your phone, inviting a friend over for dinner making desert taking them lunch at work the options quite literally are endless.

You can do kind things for complete strangers as well. Maybe you’re at home and your neighbours washing is on the line rather than letting their washing get wet take in in for them and deliver it at a time when they’re home. Might be nice to leave a note on the door matt so they don’t freak out when all their clothes have disappeared off the clothes line. Compliment a stranger on the street about their outfit or the way they’ve done their hair. Leave an extra $3.50 at the cafe to pay for the next customers coffee. All super simple acts that could mean a lot to someone who’s just going about their every day life.

Be that person who makes every person feel like a special person.

Your simple acts of kindness can mean the world to other people.

Have a great week!

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