Maturity, Intellect, Rumours

There are so many things that seem important for so long but then they just don’t seem important at all. When I was younger I was stuck in this box thinking that I wouldn’t ever amount to being anything because I wasn’t all that good at sports. People often said I was immature my grades were never amazing and I never really felt that intelligent. Like any school yard a lot of rumours went around about me. While at the time all of these things were so hard to deal with I look back on it all now and think how pathetic it all was. I do believe that every experience and situation is one that we can learn from and for that I am thankful for the challenged I had when growing up.

If everything just happened and life was easy there would be no pleasure, there would be no reason to celebrate the successes and my head would be so far up my own arse that no one would really want to speak to me anyway. While you might think something is a big deal right now try and look at it from a wider perspective. Ask yourself is this something I will care about tomorrow, in 10 days or in a years time? If the answer is no then maybe re-evaluate it’s relevance.

I have always looked very young for my age and even now I think some people don’t take me seriously because I look young. Can I just say that age is just a number. I’ve achieved more at my age than some people will achieve in their lifetime. That goes for you too. If you’re sitting NCEA (exams) exams there are some people who will never do that in their lifetime. If you don’t want to stay in school and there is another path you’d like to take just know that school isn’t for everyone. There is no reason to stay there if you’ve got another path that you’d rather follow. Don’t be afraid to step out of the path society wants to lead you down and find your way down your own path.

A lot like age grades are just a number. That number might be important to pass NCEA (exams) or get into uni but after uni will anyone ever look at those grades? I’m telling you the answer and it is no! I’m not saying don’t try hard because you should. I’m not saying exams are a waste of time because they aren’t. They are all stepping stones to a wider more relevant path to a future you want to live. What I am trying to say is don’t get caught up in the small moments. Do you best and be proud of the things you do achieve.

Rumours are something that will be  around forever. Whether it’s school, work or family life there is always going to be rumours. Unfortunately they’re just one of the down sides of communication. While rumours do suck they don’t actually mean anything. Most of the time they’re not even true. If someone spreads a rumour about you chances are that person is just self conscious about something in their own life. They could be jealous of something you have or maybe they’re threatened by you. There is no need to retaliate or even acknowledge their words. Think positive thoughts and if anything show the people gossiping some love there is nothing better than killing someone with kindness.

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