Find Positives In The Negatives

Mindset is everything in life it controls what we’re capable of achieving it dictates our mood and prevents us reaching our true potential in some situations. With every negative situation we have an opportunity. An opportunity to let that negative thing effect us, control us and essentially own us. The other option is to find something beautiful in the negative situation. Whether it be fond memories of a better time, simply appreciating the negative situation for what it is or even just appreciating that it might not be the best outcome but why does that need to stop you.

What ever the situation there is always a positive sometimes it might take a while to work out what that positive is but you will. Keep an open mind and try not to over complicate the situation. Sometimes the answer is more obvious than it seems. If there is something that you’re currently struggling with try and think about it from every possible perspective. Is there another way you can approach the situation. Is there someone you can ask for help. Is this something you need to face alone? Is this something you even need to face? Walking away isn’t always quitting. It’s not always giving up. Sometimes you just need to take a minute have a breather and distance yourself from what ever it is causing you stress or anxiety.

I guess what I am saying is the simple things we enjoy in life often stem from something that might not be quite so positive. Rainbows come from rain, stars are surrounded by darkness they’re just two beautiful natural creations that we bask at.


Onward and upward I always say! Have an awesome weekend!

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