Mindset is one of the most valuable things we posses as humans. You mindset quite literally is everything. I know I’ve written posts about this before but it is something that continues to make itself more and more relevant not only to me but to special people in my life as well.

One of my close friends is going through a rough time at the moment and we were having a chat the other day and they said “I’m so f*cked in the head” while this might just be an expression, a figure of speech I know in this case it’s a whole lot more than that. Tell yourself that you’re crazy enough times and you will begin to believe it. Tell yourself you’re too much of anything too many times and you will believe it. It’s not healthy to point out your flaws. Just because you’ve got a lot going on inside your head it doesn’t mean you’re “f*cked” or a mess or crazy. You need to think positive thoughts. If you’re going to get better you need to give yourself a chance. Give yourself the ability to get better. Give yourself a helping hand. Get all areas of you life in control again and it will definitely help.

I am the kind of person that needs some kind of structure if something or someone gets in the way of my routine I get so frustrated. When I wake up in the morning I will first have a shower, get dressed, do my hair, have a smoothie, put my shoes on, brush my teeth, pack my lunch then leave. It has to happen in that order. If someone is in the bathroom and I have to eat my smoothie first I get extremely agitated. It’s the same at work I like to get to the office check my emails and then begin searching for content to post online. If someone asks me to do something before I have the chance to sort my inbox and get some content up again I get agitated.

What I am trying to say is find some sense, some normality and some order in your life. Go to the supermarket buy healthy food and prepare your meals for the week. If you’ve got something on one night make sure you take enough food for lunch and dinner. It will require some Organisation but it will help in the long run. Tidy you room, get your washing done try and think about all the chores you have to do and get them done on one day in the weekend so at least you have one day to enjoy yourself. While these all sound like simple things having order in your life really can help keep a clear mind.

While your mindset is everything try not to overreact and over think things. If someone says something that offends you think about it for a minute take 3 breaths and let it go. Chances are they’re not thinking about that comment after they’ve said it and neither should you. If it is really hurtful confront them in a passive way and talk to them about why they said it, what they meant by it and then decide whether your offence is necessary. Sometimes we miss perceive things people say and get offended for no reason at all.

While the mind is incredibly powerful with power comes destruction. Make sure it’s not your mind self destructing. You’ve got every chance in the world to make something good of your life. No matter the situation you were born into, the challenges you face and the hardships that will come there is a reason you’re walking this earth living this life. Whether it’s something you learn yourself, something you teach another being or just contributing to society you’re here for a purpose never loose sight of that. Hold your friends close and your enemies closer. This is a big bad world but with the right mindset you’ve got the goods to succeed. We’re not here a long time so let’s make this a good time.


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