Terrorism – The Other Side

This is a blog I am extremely nervous to write. I am nervous because I don’t know how some people will react to it. I am nervous because I don’t want this to be miss interpreted. I am nervous because I don’t want to offend anyone but at the same time I feel like there is a massive piece of the puzzle that is missing and I feel that the media is partially to blame.

The media only show us what they want to show us. They only show us what is ‘important.’ Who are they to decide what is important and what isn’t. Surely in a time where everything is available at the push of a button the days of censorship are redundant. The media at the end of the day is a business. Businesses need to make money. Banks, another form of businesses also need to make money, country’s while attempting to make money need to have governments and governments make decisions. On the other side of governments are extremist groups that take matters into their own hands. They might be driven by money but their main purpose is to prove a point. What that point is often we never find out. If we do find out it’s usually through the media. What the media tell us we believe. Whether the media are telling us the truth or not is a different story.

Terrorism is one of the most cruel things to exist in humanity. How someone can take another persons life to prove a point is beyond me but here I am sitting in New Zealand in complete freedom. On the other side of the world some people don’t have this luxury. Some people are born into a life of ill treatment. Into a life of torture. There is only so much the human mind can handle. If you’re told something enough times chances are you will begin to believe it which I believe is the beginning steps of terrorism. You might be committing the most horrific act possible but if you in your heart of hearts believe you’re serving your purpose then of course that is what you’re going to do. No human is born into this world a killer. In my perspective everyone is completely equal at birth – a human. We might come in different colours, sizes and have different health issues but we are equal. It is those first years that are so important. It is our parent’s job to teach us wrong from right. It is our job to find our place in society and contribute to the community. Well that is my understanding of it anyway. For some people life isn’t as easy as that. There are so many other factors that come into play. Religious beliefs, military influences, government, power and even money.

The scariest thing is we can’t even fathom half of what really goes on in the world. We trust in media companies to deliver journalism which is fair. How fair is it? Who actually knows. How much of what happens in the news is the full story. How much censorship actually goes on? For example the day of the Paris attacks there were multiple terrorist attacks in various counties but for some reason the media only focused on Paris. Why was this? Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to take away from the events that happened in Paris because it was a total tragedy but lives were also lost in Syria and Lebanon but the majority of people didn’t even know those attacks had even happened.

I was always told that two wrongs don’t make a right and I totally agree with that which has me really confused when today France announced air strikes against who they believe were responsible for the attacks in Paris. Which yes I do believe these people need to be stopped but how can they tell who was responsible for the attacks. Often after terrorist attacks we see in the news videos of terrorist organisations owning up for the attack but why do they broadcast that? Aren’t they’re just glorifying terrorism? Why do media companies report on terrorism at all? Yes it is important to know what is going on in the world but if terrorists didn’t get any attention what so ever they would have no reason to attack. They would be killing people for no reason what so ever because no one would know it was happening. Maybe I am naive to think that but I feel there has to be a way to irradiate terrorism without a war.

I was thinking about it earlier today. My grandfather and his father both went to war my great-grandfather fought in World War 1 and my grandfather in World War 2. They fought for our freedom and I am concerned history is going to repeat and we will be faced with another world war. I am worried for the future will we continue to live in the freedom that our ancestors fought for or will we be the generation that are made to go to war and fight for future generations? I feel the media play a massive part in our future, in our freedom and the freedom of tomorrow’s children.

While our lives on earth are so temporary I don’t want the decisions of the leaders today to create such a toxic environment that our children can’t go out outside and play freely. I don’t want to experience a world where I can’t walk down the street and not feel safe. I don’t want to be part of a world that doesn’t get to travel because it is too unsafe. I don’t want to live in a world where a small minority ruin everything for the majority. How much of 911 was set up by the American Government so they could enter the middle east. How come banks make money from wars? Why do we allow people who are personally invested to make decisions on our behalf?

I get it diversity isn’t always a good thing but there is a reason diversity exists. There is a reason corruption exists. If the minority who are making all the decisions stop and think about why these attacks are happening maybe they could deal with that and prevent future attacks from happening. Surely there is a way we can tolerate each other and all just get along. Stop the bloodshed. Stop the wars. Put down the guns and learn to get along. We are all brothers and sisters we just need some education, unity and understanding.

Don’t settle for what is fed to you. Seek out the truth. Seek out the real answers and don’t be fooled by what these businesses are leading you to believe.


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