Wishing. Wishing. Wishing

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for a while and it was only tonight that it really began to make sense to me. I was walking to my car after work and I saw a car on the other side of the road and I thought to myself I wish I had a car like that. A little further up the road I saw another car and thought oh that one is even nicer than the one I saw earlier I wish I had that one. When I got to my car there was a Range Rover parked in front of my car and I thought ‘I wish I had a Range Rover’ in the space of 10 minutes I wished I had a different car. I didn’t ever realise but I subconsciously do that all the time. Not only with cars usually just materialistic items which made me realise how unhealthy that is.

It is so important to be happy with what you do have I am not saying that I’m not because I definitely am but I am comparing what I have to other people and that isn’t natural. The people who own the cars I was looking at were probably twice my age yet I was walking down the street feeling down on myself about the car that I drive. The car I drive has nothing to do with what I represent it has nothing to do with how I feel about life it does’t represent where I am in life it is merely a mode of transport to get me from one place to another. I am extremely lucky to have a car and yes one day I would like to dive a different car right now there really is no point in wishing for other cars. It is time wasted comparing what I have to what someone else has.

On the drive home from work I began thinking about all the things that I wish for in a day. It made me realise I wish for shoes, clothes, sunglasses, iphones, go pros and other items that won’t make me a better person they’re not going to improve my quality of life they’re simply materialistic things that at first thought would be nice to have. When I think about them I realise how much I don’t need them. I am actually at a stage of my life when I am happy. There are so many good things going on. I often get frustrated in life. I feel like I haven’t yet reached my potential I feel there is so many things I want to do I want to travel, I want to own my own house, I want to inspire other people to live the dream they want to, I want to go to as many concerts as I possibly can, I want to make at least 1 person smile every day, I want to support the people I love and care about I want to be able to provide for them should they need me to. There is so many dreams I haven’t yet lived there is so many things I am yet to do and that definitely isn’t a bad thing. I am 24 years old I have time.

The more I think about it the more I feel that almost is never enough. I feel like right now I am living the almost in many aspects of my life. A lot of my friends are buying houses, starting families or even getting married. While I sometimes feel down on myself for not doing these things I remember my life is my life it’s not theirs I will do those things when I am ready and obviously right now the time just isn’t right. All good things take time and sometimes we just have to be patient. While sometimes it would be nice if things just happened today think how much more special they will be if you have to wait and work for them. I guess what I am trying to say right now is that you are enough. What ever is going on in your life is relevant to you. It is in perspective to what in normal. Normal is what you perceive it to be. You don’t need to seek acceptance from anyone else. You don’t need to complicate your life with wishing. Just live your life in the best way that you possibly can, support your friends where possible, be thankful for the things you do have, set goals to achieve the things you want to and most importantly find comfort in your own company. It sounds really weird but befriend yourself. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your own company. Find comfort within yourself and I honestly believe you will find comfort in life itself.

There is no wrong or right way to live your life. Not everyone is going to agree with everything you do so live your life by your terms. I really hope you manage to find peace and solitude. If change is looming don’t be afraid of it. Sometimes you need something that is going to test your abilities so you can prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving things which you totally are.

Rest easy tonight and I hope you wake up feeling refreshed. Remember life is a work in progress and every day we’re learning it’s a journey and I appreciate you being here every step of the way. Thank you for walking with me I will continue to walk with you too.


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