Pre Christmas Tension

It’s quickly coming to the end of the year which is a scary prospect in itself. But that’s not half as scary as how tiring it gets at this time of year. Not only is work busy with everyone trying to get everything done before taking a break, I feel personal lives are getting hectic too. There is so many Christmas functions you have to go to. It’s the time of year when you feel like you’re burning the candle from both ends and it’s only a matter of time before you just burn out.

While it is a hectic time don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Yes work might be stressful but find enjoyment in the simple things. Netflix and chill, have some strawberries, go for a walk, change your room around what ever it is that makes you happy make time to enjoy that simple thing! While everything is crazy and you race around like a headless chicken just remember that Christmas is a magical time of the year but it’s never going to be perfect. You’ll burn the ham, you’ll forget to buy the strawberries or god  forbid you accidentally forget to buy grandma a present. Rather than getting so worked up about making everything amazing, use the little energy you do have to simplify things. Rather than buying big gifts for everyone do a giving circle where each member of the family gives to a different member that way everyone gets a present but you don’t have the stress of buying something for everyone. Get everyone to chip in for the Christmas dinner, rather than doing it all yourself. Use paper plates so you don’t have to worry about the dishes. There are endless ways to simplify your Christmas.

Christmas only happens once a year while you feel the stress to make it perfect don’t forget to enjoy it! Perfection doesn’t exist so just do your best and enjoy every minute of it!

I hope the holiday season treats you well!

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