An Open Letter To Larries

Whether you believe in Larry or not is one story whether you agree with what I am about to write is another story but to be honest I am excited to live in a society where happiness outweighs the pressures of society. The One Direction fandom is unlike any other fandom. The dedication and devotion One Direction fans have for their boys is beautiful thing to be a part of and witness everyday. It doesn’t matter where the boys are or what they’re doing directioners are there supporting them every step of the way.

One thing I find especially interesting about this fandom is the Larry Stylinson supporters. While being gay is becoming a lot more accepted it is still a risk coming out, more so when you’re two members of one of the biggest bands in the world. Should it be an issue? No definitely not. You shouldn’t have to think twice about your sexuality it is a part of your identity that you can’t change. Does it define you? Nope.

Boy Bands cater predominantly to young females which is why in the past it has been very hush hush if any of the band members were gay. Unfortunately making music is a business and in order for a business to work you  have to be making money. Management of bands thought it would be negative publicity for members to be openly gay which would lead to a decline in album sales which directly effects revenue. Basically they were playing  it safe. Since then a lot has changed including peoples mentality, understanding and acceptance.  While there is never going to be an absolute on the whole people are a lot more accepting of sexual diversity.

Could One Direction have been the first band in the world to have two openly gay members and it not effect the album sales or the overall revenue of the band. Could One Direction have made history? Yes quite possibly I think so. This is only possible because of Larries and the undevoted love of the One Direction Fandom.

It blows my mind how supportive directioners are. While a lot of people see One Direction fans as ‘crazy’ a lot of the time we are just miss understood. All directioners want is the best for the band. Whether Harry and Louis ever had a relationship or not is one thing but the fact that directioners would continue to support the boys is inspiring.

It opens peoples minds and for someone sitting at home worrying about their sexuality it gives them hope. Your sexuality should never be a worry but for a lot of people it is. Growing up is one of the hardest things we have to do. We have to find ourselves, find our passions, pursue a career, make decisions, make mistakes, learn and while all of this is going on feel judgement from every person around you.

Larries have created an unconditional love and unconditional understanding not only for Harry and Louis but anyone else who is struggling with their sexuality. I just want to thanks Larries for everything you’ve done for Harry and Louis. Your love and support to the boys is what has brought them all of the success they have experience. Don’t ever forget what you have done for them and for the greater understanding of sexual equality.

In the words of Harry Styles.

All The Love.


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Larries

  1. I got into this fandom because my daughter was a directioner. I stayed because I realized Harry and Louis love for each other. As a mother you only want your child to be happy and safe. That’s what I want for Harry and Louis too. I don’t sexualize them. I want them to be happy in whatever capacity they want to be happy. If they are together, great, if they aren’t, that’s great too. I have known of bands with gay members after they were famous and people still loved their music. Queen was popular in my youth and nothing changed once it was know they were gay and that was in the 70’s. People should be who they want to be and not because of some record label. I’m here to stay. If Louis is a dad, he’ll be a great dad. What ever the boys want to do to be happy is fine with me. This band and the fandom have opened my eyes to so many stupid things I used to think and do without realizing people may be hurt by it. I am so much more open and accepting of everyone because of the friend I’ve made with this band.

      1. My daughter made me a Larrie I made her a Ziam”ist”. Love wins Always. We will support the boys Always. I hope that together we can end this kind of mediabullying and managements who are forcing their clients to hide in the closet. We only want them to be happy and see the real true them.

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