Patience > Haste

One of the things that I find most frustrating about life is when things don’t happen at the speed I would like them to. Everyone has hopes and dreams but there is no real sense of time when those dreams slip into your head and that’s what I struggle with.

People are always saying to be patient and “Good things happen to those who wait” I’m sure you’ve heard them all before as well. The questions continue to churn in my mind. How long do I wait? What if I wait and nothing happens? What if I am just wasting my time? Is anything ever going to happen? These are what  I call that what if’s and there literally is a million of them so if that’s the path you want to go down get comfortable because we may be some time.

All jokes aside though you really do have to be patient for example Leonardo Di Caprio one of the greatest actors of our generation has he won an Oscar? Nope! Does it stop him from acting in movies? Nope. I guess what I am trying to say is perspective is everything and while we live in a digital age where everything should be right there at the click of a button sometimes we have to remember that not everything happens instantaneously. While it is quintessential to vent those frustrations and not face our struggles alone it is paramount that we do experience these struggles to become better people. We must strive for what we really want. Believe we have what it takes and not let the now get in the way of the future.

Be patient, be kind and most importantly be brave.


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