What Is Success If You’ve Got No One To Share It With?

I was listening to ‘The Man’ by Ed Sheeran today and a certain lyric stood out to me. “Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with” and it got me thinking about success and what success actually is. While I think it’s important that you share you success with other people I think it’s just as important to celebrate those successes yourself.

In life we work so hard we work hard for personal benefit, we work hard for career benefit and then of course there is money. Personally money isn’t what does it for me. I want to have money so that I can experience things in life but most importantly I want someone who I can share my experiences with. Nothing makes me happier than going on an adventure with someone I really care about.

In terms of success of course it’s important to share the success with your friends, family and partner but it’s just as important to celebrate it personally as well. Celebrating something with someone else is amazing but it also comes with a sense of risk. Every action we take in life comes with an equal reaction and I feel putting your validation into another person isn’t healthy, finding your own happiness in another person also isn’t healthy. I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but people are people and sometimes they’re not on the same page as you are. Sometimes they’ve got their own things going on that they need to deal with. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing and it not being right for the both of you. It doesn’t make them a bad person, it doesn’t mean you’re not worthy it just means you’re not right for each other right now. It might be a temporary thing. You might work things out. Most importantly be patient if you really care about someone don’t look elsewhere for that feeling of comfort you won’t find it. You will only hurt yourself and if your special someone comes back to you it will only tarnish what you once had.

I hope this ramble is somewhat making sense. 

I think it’s important to celebrate your success on a personal level. What ever that success might be reward yourself for your wins. If you’re doing well saving money chose an item that you would like to buy yourself as a little you’re doing well gift. Obviously you’re saving money so choose something that doesn’t cost too much but it’s important to recognise the good that you are doing.

In terms of a career goal if you’re making improvements in what ever you do this calls for celebration treat yourself to lunch one day this week. It’s the simple things but they make all the difference. I think it’s also about mentality and what you think of yourself as well. While no one likes an arrogant person it’s important to recognise the things you’re doing well.

“People are people and we like to feel valued. Look past other people and materialistic things, find validation within.”



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