You Hold The Pen To Your Life

Life is a journey we walk. We walk this life with the support of friends, family and sometimes a special someone who is neither a friend nor family. While it is incredible to have the help, love and support of these incredible people it is you and you alone who has the pen which will write your future. No person can make you do something (they can try but don’t let them). People can encourage you or even advise what they think you should do but you and only you can make that decision. If it’s something you’re unsure about take time to think about what you want to achieve. Take time to think about all the different possibilities. If you are struggling to make a decision maybe you’re over thinking the situation? No decision in life should give you pain. When you’re thinking about something there should come a moment in time when you feel completely relaxed about it. Whether it’s  a positive or negative outcome you will feel calm and know that you’re making the right decision. Should you make a decision and in hindsight realise you’ve made the wrong decision there is nothing wrong with admitting your mistakes and trying to fix the situation. Someone who truly cares about you is never going to judge you for admitting your wrongs and trying to fix them. Humans were invented to make mistakes and learn from them. The only important thing in life is that you do learn from these mistakes. You can’t make the same mistake time and time again. Not for any other reason than you deserve better than that. Often when we make a bad decision we feel bad or guilty about it. You deserve a life of fun and positivity. Don’t ever settle for second best.


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