What Ever You Decide To Do, Make Sure It Makes You Happy

Life is a confusing journey at the best of times. I feel that every day we experience comes with the opportunity to learn and grow. While sometimes you wonder why you do what you do, where you’re heading and if there is more that you could be doing there is something simple you must remember. Happiness. To be honest there is nothing simple about happiness at all. It is one of the most complex things to try and understand.  I think we get too caught up thinking about the big picture. Too busy trying to get ahead. Too tired from trying to keep up with everything that is happening around us. Take some time out for yourself and think about what is important to you. Take some time to realise who you want in your life who you can care about and on what capacity they’re going to fit into your life.

We only have a limited amout of time one of the hardest things in life is prioritising how to spend that time and how to make the most of it. The simple things in life sometimes are the most rewarding. No one can tell you how to live you life or what you should do. People can give you advise and share their experiences with you but sometime you have to live life for yourself. Make mistakes and figure things out on your own. Don’t be afraid to make decisions. Don’t apologise for being yourself. People want to be your friend and spend time with you because you are who you are.

When things don’t work out don’t be down on yourself. Remember those good memories and know that you gave it your best shot. Things happen for a reason. You might not know the reason right now and that’s ok, maybe you will never know the reason and there is nothing wrong with that either. You just have to know that sometimes you have to let go to find your happiness. While nothing in life lasts forever the memories you make are something that will remain long after the dream fades. Memories provide a platform to learn. Know what you want from the good times and know what to avoid from the things that aren’t so good. Be graceful in your actions. Keep your mind wide open and your hear open wider. Give second chances to the people that ask for them. Allow them to make right the regrets they have. Be patient. Everyone moves through life at their own pace and just because you know what you want some people need a little more time. Be understanding offer them support and don’t judge the decisions they make. They will find their happiness the way they think is right for them. While they’re finding their’s you’re more than entitled to find your own.

Sometimes a change in scenery can put everything back in perspective, while you might not be able to jet off for a week on the other side of the world think somewhere closer to home and take a weekend out of the city. Maybe you don’t even need a weekend away maybe it’s as simple as going to the beach and switching off for a bit, or taking a hike through the bush. Take it back to the basics and enjoy those simple priceless moments.

Over thinking what happiness is and how you’re going to reach it isn’t going to make you feel happy any time in the near future. Sometimes you just have to live in the moment and give yourself time to live you life. If you don’t enjoy your job you can’t just make another job happen. You have to wait for an opening with another company before you can find career happiness. If you’re going through stress or grieving unfortunately this is another situation that you don’t really have any control of. The only advise I can give is that life goes on. With stress make a plan that you can work through what ever it is that has you worried. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re dealing with the loss of someone or something be strong. While your life is going to be different now you will learn to live without them. Keep your friends close and be sure to keep an open mind. Toxic thoughts, anger and hate are not going to help anyone especially you.

Happiness is personal.


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