Find Your Passion

Passion comes in all shapes and forms and sometimes in life we are exposed to someone who is living their dream, they’ve found that passion and they’re expressing themselves. Yesterday I attended Amplify Live in Auckland and Trevor Moran said something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

“Find your passion and express yourself with it”

Trevor Moran

Expressing yourself is the most important thing in life. For a long time I suppressed who I was in fear of what people would think of me, being accepted and wanting to fit in. It’s something I am still learning to come to terms with but it’s only recently that I have really realised that you’re never going to be able to please everyone in life. You’re never going to keep everyone happy. While I could spend the rest of my life trying to please other people there comes a time where I need to live life for myself. It might sound selfish but it’s really not. I make decisions that make me happy. I do the things I want to do. Yeah along the way there will be people that will share my thoughts and feelings, not exactly but there will be people who like similar things to me and share similar feelings to what I share. That is one of the reasons I love events like Amplify so much. You go along not really knowing what to expect and you walk out while a whole lot of news friends and more people to obsess over online. Amplify quite literally is a dream come true.

Yesterday I realised how amazing it is living in the digital world. Yeah there is a lot of negative stuff that goes on on the internet but there is a whole lot of good stuff as well. Wow this is becoming such a rant. I was trying to be inspirational but got real sidetracked. Ok here goes back to the topic at hand… finding your passion.

Every person is different which means that you need to find your own passion. Whether it’s math, writing, music, acting, sports, pranks, jokes, magic making videos, drawing or anything else that you enjoy I believe that everyone was put on this planet for a purpose. You might not know what that purpose is yet and that is totally fine one day it will all make sense. In the meantime you’ve just got to enjoy yourself and try as many things as you possibly can. The other thing you must remember is that your passion isn’t a life decision what you decide to do now could change. You don’t have to keep doing that same thing for the rest of your life, that passion doesn’t even need to be your career but one day it might be.

Personally I have a few different passions. One of them is writing. I love to write, I enjoy sharing my experiences and hope that maybe my experiences can help you and encourage you to get through the hard times and find that passion so you can express yourself. Writing for me is a way to express myself. Part of the reason that I like writing is my passion to communicate. I love communicating with people of all walks of life. People from all around the world. I just love connecting and communicating with people whether it be through my blog, on youtube or social media. I am most happy connecting and interacting with like minded people.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel it is super important for people to express themselves. You have a whole lot of personality inside that skin and it’s so important that you share it with the world. Yes there is going to be people that don’t agree with you. There might be people who don’t like you but it’s better than someone doesn’t like you for being yourself than liking you for being someone that you’re not. Life is short so enjoy every moment, take every opportunity that you can and never apologise for trying and not succeeding. There is no such thing as failure. The fact that you’re willing to try something is something that you should be proud of.

Sunday’s mark a new beginning and a new opportunity. Make the most of the new week and every opportunity it provides and remember to be kind to everyone!


Cam x

5 thoughts on “Find Your Passion

    1. It’s always so great to hear from you Miriam! I hope this week brings some positivity to your life! I’ll send some good vibes your way for sure! 😘 all the best! X

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