“No One Can Be Like Me Anyway” – Pink

I was listening to Pink ‘Just Like Fire’ and I had a revelation. I am going to get deep for a minute but I don’t want you to feel sad because I am not sad at all. In my life I have experienced my fair share of rejection, whether that be relationships, friendships or career paths yeah there has been rejection left right and centre. In all honesty it is gutting to experience rejection but at the same time I feel like life throws challenges at me because what ever or who ever decides our destiny believes I have the strength to get through this.

Rejection is such a weird experience you’ve got two options. In no way am I perfect and in no way do I have my life together. Everyday I live I am learning and growing and that’s what I love so much about life. When I think things couldn’t get any worse they do and then everything gets better. New opportunities arise. New horizons and new challenges. An easy life is a wasted life. You have to experience challenges to test your character. If life was easy you would just coast along and you wouldn’t experience adrenaline or excitement they are two of the most exciting emotions you will ever feel.

I feel like there is so much pressure to do things and reveal yourself to the world but in all reality who cares. You’re the only you in this world find something that makes you happy. Find someone who makes you happy. Enjoy their company and don’t worry what other people think. I am extremely lucky to come from a family who have supported me to do some incredible things. They have taught me so much and have allowed me to experience things I never would have been able to on my own. For that I will always be thankful. While I have the most supportive and amazing family there are some things in my life which they won’t support and there is nothing wrong with that. I guess what I am trying to say is that your life is your life and you can’t live it to someone else’s expectations. You will never live up to everyone’s expectations. I always try and do what is right by my family but there are some decisions I have made that they won’t agree with. There will be more decisions that they won’t agree with and that is fine as well. All you can do is your best. Don’t beat yourself up over rejection, don’t beat yourself up over not living up to someone else’s expectations.

The thing you need to remember is that you’re the only you in this world. There is no one who can love like you do, there is no one with your sense of humour no one with your personality. I know that it is such a cliche but in all seriousness there is no one like you in this world. Be yourself because that is the best that you can be. While your family might not agree with every aspect of your life decision or not they will always love you. While you might really want a job there is a reason you didn’t get it. There is something in the future that will be more suited to you. Maybe you’re not quite ready for that job yet. It’s nothing against you, it’s not a representation of what you’re capable of it doesn’t represent you as a person. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. If anything take this as some inspiration to keep on keeping on. If you need help with something don’t be afraid to seek the help you need but never apologise for who you are. Never be something that you’re not. You can be yourself, if no one else loves you love yourself. Find comfort in your own company and eventually people will see you for you and will love you more than you could ever imagine. It is going to take time it won’t be easy but don’t worry the moment you find comfort in yourself is the moment you will truly find happiness. You don’t need anyone else to make you happy.

I don’t know if this ramble is making any sense at all but I guess what I am trying to say is no one can be like you so embrace it!

All The love

– Cam x

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