You Are The Only You

If there is one thing I have learned in the 24 years that I have been on this planet it’s that everything is a work in progress. Nothing is ever complete. Everyday you have to work for what you want. Some days you win. Some days you don’t. With the right attitude no day is ever wasted. Even when you don’t get what you want you can learn from any situation and work for a better tomorrow.

I am a massive believer in being yourself no matter the situation but I know, I know it’s easier said than done. I totally get that. Some days I feel more comfortable than others, some days I am crazier than others and some days I just don’t feel myself so being myself is difficult. I know how it is I totally get it but the thing I want you to remember is that you don’t ever need to try and be someone else to impress someone. If someone can’t accept you for who you are they clearly aren’t worth your time. I believe everyone deserves the right to walk peacefully and have the freedom of not being judged. Unfortunately that isn’t the case at all. Humans are judgemental beings and unfortunately it’s something you just have to deal with. People will judge you, people will scrutinise and it sucks but it’s what you do with their judgement that makes all the difference. If someone wants to hate on you they clearly need more love because you’ve got something they don’t have and it makes them feel inferior. In an ideal world they would learn from you and get to know you for who you are rather than making their own judgements of you but what I am trying to say is sometimes the meanest people need the most love. While it is hard being the bigger person is always going to make you feel better about yourself.

People, the world, social media and society are always going to try and change you. Your friends will influence you, the way you talk, what you try and how you spend your time. Choose your friends carefully, spend time with people that lift you up, that make you feel good, that have positive things going on in their lives. Surround yourself with positivity and you too will become positive. Try not to think so much about what you want and be happy about what you have. Yeah you could always have more but you will have way more fun enjoying what you do have. Express yourself and don’t ever apologise for it. People might look at you weirdly for being different but behind those weird looks are a mind wishing they had the confidence to do what you are doing. Behind those looks are people too weak to do what you are doing, take it as a compliment. You are stong, you are different you aren’t afraid of being yourself.

Finding your way in this world can be difficult but don’t get too caught up. Enjoy it for what it is. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your company, enjoy your adventures, enjoy your friends. Look around and be grateful for everything you see. Look deep into you mirror and remember there is someone out there right now that is thinking about you. While you might have had a crappy day, things might not have gone your way but hey this is just a day. Today might not be your day but wear this day like you own it. Wear this day proudly. Wear this day as if it’s the most embarrassing outfit in your wardrobe and embrace the fact that it’s a little part of you. All of those funky little quirks that people say are “weird” make you who you are and that is beautiful. No person is whole. No person is complete we are all just as lost as each other but occasionally we need to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad.

When the world tries to change you remember who you are.


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