Inner Peace


Inner peace will happen the moment you stop judging your life on the life of those around you. You are your own being and you don’t need to justify against your friends, family or siblings. Everyone walks at their own pace in their own way you express yourself while your friends express themselves. I think the social age has created a weird need to do better and have more. I like the idea of doing better. I don’t think we should ever get completely comfortable. We should be pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be however social media isn’t always the best representation of someone’s life.

The other day I was scrolling through my news feed everyone was on holiday, celebrating an anniversary, birthday or showing off the cute outfit they wore out in the weekend. When is the last time you were scrolling through Instagram and you saw a photo of someone who had just genuinely had a crappy day. We only post the things on social media that we want other people to see. We post the things that make us look good. We post the things that make us feel cool or special. It’s completely subconscious and I know no one really means to do it but I know that it is a thing and before you beat yourself up for your clothes not being as cool as your friends or not having as many followers on Instagram I want you to remember that nobody is perfect. What you have, what you are doing and where you are in life is totally fine.

We’ve all got a story to tell. We all have experiences; we all have demons in the closet and insecurities we battle with every day. I like that. I like that people aren’t perfect. I like that every human is just trying to find their way through life the best that they can. Do you know what I love most? The fact that along the way on this crazy journey we meet people, we make friend with them, sometimes we fall in love with them, sometimes they become our life, sometimes things work out and sometimes things don’t. Everything is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s an opportunity to understand more and be the best that we can be. Honestly that is all that you can do in life. Be the best you that you can be.

I feel in life it is easy to become reliant on other people. We become reliant on them to lift us up when we’re feeling down. We become reliant on them when we’re not feeling so good about ourselves and yeah it’s nice to have someone but what when that person is no longer there? What do you do then? Well that isn’t an easy question to answer. Of course in life you hope that your friends will stick by you no matter what. You hope that relationship will work out the harsh reality is that nothing in life is guaranteed. Nothing is set in stone. A decision made today can change tomorrow.  A Decision you make right now could change in the next 30 seconds. As I said before we’re all just trying to make our way the best that we can but sometimes you need to find the answers internally, sometimes you need to spend time with yourself and get to know yourself by yourself. I feel a massive amount of happiness can come from within. Don’t get me wrong feeling valued by another human is one of the greatest feelings in the world but do you know what is even better valuing yourself. It feels weird writing that and it would probably sound weirder saying it but in all honesty you should be proud of who you are, what you have achieved and where you are heading. If you’re not there’s time to change that. What is it that you want to do, where is it that you want to be heading? If you don’t know for sure spend some time with yourself find confidence in yourself and trust yourself enough to make the right decision.

Inner peace isn’t something you will find and have forever like everything in life it’s always changing because you are also changing. As much as you want to find inner peace you can’t push it. Relax, take time for yourself do the things you enjoy doing and spend some time learning how to enjoy your own company.

This is your life. You only have one make the most of it and be proud of it.

All the love.

– C

2 thoughts on “Inner Peace

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article. The happiness we get from someone else, no matter how great, eventually fades away. But like you said, true happiness can only come from within.
    Keep inspiring!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and for messaging! It’s always great to hear from someone who can relate to my writing I hope you have a magical day! X

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