Just Be You

The world of celebrity is a crazy thing. The media industry is a crazy thing. Society itself is crazy which concerns me to some extent. I like to see the best in people but this is something I am super passionate about. I don’t believe society is heading in the right direction when girls are made to feel like they need too look like a Victoria Secret model and boys feel like they have to have abs. I know that not every girl feels that way but everywhere we look we have this stereotypical idea of what you should look like shoved down our throat.

Wether it be Kim Kardashian claiming to be make up free on Snapchat when she clearly is still wearing make up or maybe it’s turning on the TV and seeing your favourite artist’s music video. The thing I want you to remember is the faces you see on tv have a team of people making them look the way they do. The photos you see on social media are photoshopped and if they’re not they at least have filters on them. A lot of celebrities these days alter their appearance with botox, surgery or both.

The other thing I think is important to remember is that celebrities have a whole team working behind them to get them to look the way they do. It doesn’t just happen that they wake up and put their clothes on. Talking to some of the artists at the iHeartRadio Music Festival really opened my eyes to how this whole industry works. The artists are all so busy working on their music and touring that they don’t have time to source their own clothes. They work with stylists who pick out their outfits for shows, red carpets and other appearances they might be doing. As for how they get that perfect skin their skin is far from perfect they have make up artists who literally spend hours doing their hair or make up. It’s weird to think about it because really they aren’t people they are performers. This probably makes more sense in my head than it does putting it out here but hey here we go. While celebrities are people they are so far from the normal that it isn’t funny. We are interested in celebrities and celeb culture because their lives appear to be glamorous and I think deep down we would all like to experience that glamour. It’s nothing to be ashamed of but I just want you to understand what goes into their appearance.

Turns out Rachel Platen and I were on the same page because today she took to Instagram to share a photo of the cover of Vogue India. Sonam was the covergirl of Vogue India back in June 2013 but recently she has spoken out about what it takes for someone to look the way she does and cover magazines like Vogue. Take a moment and read the caption Rachel has put with the photo because she pretty much sums up everything I am trying to write here.


I don’t ever want you to feel like you have to look a certain way. Growing up I wasn’t the skinniest kid. There was a time in my life where I didn’t live a day without someone telling me I was fat. Did that hurt, yeah it did. Did it get to me of course. I still think about it everyday. While my exterior has change my interior is most definitely the same. I still think twice every time I eat a chocolate bar. I might not have the best body in the world but the thing is I have a fully functioning body and everyday I am thankful for that.

Appearance isn’t everything. I feel we all get a little too caught up in the way we look. I love clothes and fashion so I get it looking good makes you feel good and it’s a bit of a confidence boost when you feel like you’re looking good but I’m talking about those social media photos. I know it sometimes takes me a few shots before I get a photo that I am happy to share on social media. I challenge you to live in the moment and just post the first photo you take. Wouldn’t it be nice to go on Instagram and see a bunch of real people living their lives rather than hiding behind a perfect illusion. Tomorrow I am going to post an unfiltered photo of me as soon as I wake up feel free to do the same if it is something you believe in. Have a great week enjoy the skin you are in and remember beauty is deeper than the pores of your skin.

All The Love.

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