Meryl Streep For President!

Yesterday the Golden Globe Awards went down in Hollywood. It is the first show of the awards season and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The teleprompter may have broken in the the first few seconds making Jimmy Fallon’s job a lot more of a challenge but as they say “the show must go on” and it did. Did it what?

Yeah I think it’s important to honour people’s hard work. It is important to celebrate success but the things I loved the most about yesterday’s show, was it was a celebration of diversity. The films and movies we watch are a collaboration. Hundreds if not thousands of people all working together to create art. To transport us to a different place and sometimes even a different time. I take the cinema for granted. When my parents were young yes they could go to the cinema but it was such a treat, it was so expensive, the films were in black and white, they were grainy. If you told our parents parents how cinema and television would change in their lifetime I guarantee they wouldn’t even believe we would be watching entire shows on a portable device that is connected to a thing called the internet. Do you know what’s even crazier. How technology is going to develop from here on in. Virtual reality is becoming a lot more prominent and as our viewing behaviour changes so will the technology we use to  consume it. Hold on I am getting way off topic here the collaboration between people to create art is such a beautiful thing. How often to you wait in the cinema until the credits roll? I know I never do unless it’s a Marvel film and you know there’s a funny joke after the credit roll. Anyway what I am trying to say is with collaboration comes diversity which is one of the most important things in Human society.

Yes you can live a rewarding life going from your house to your work and exercising occasionally. The sad thing about living this life is that there is an entire world out there waiting to be explored. There are people around you that might look different, think differently or act differently to the way you live, look or think but the thing is just because someone or something is different it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I know it’s 2017 and people are a lot more open than they used to be but it still worries me that people can’t 100% be themselves. For example I have a friend that wears make up. He is a dude he uses the mens bathroom he is not transitioning make up is something he likes and he enjoys wearing it. At a bar the other day he was told to go to the womens bathroom. He was judged because of the way he looks. Last time I checked wearing make up doesn’t automatically remove your penis… If you can’t leave the house without being offended by a dude wearing make up and using the mens bathroom stay at home. Or if you are offended be offended internally there is no need for you to try and bring someone down just because you’re insecure in yourself. If people judge you for the way you think, look or act please never take offence by their ignorance the unfortunate thing is not everyone in this world is as open and free as they should be. If there was less hate there would be less hurt and with less hurt comes more happiness.

This really is becoming a giant ramble but bear with me I will get there eventually. Yesterday at the Golden Globes while being honoured for a lifetime of notable work Meryl Streep single handedly stole my heart. There is a lot of controversy over some claims she made about Donald Trump but let’s leave that out of this because he gets more than enough attention as it is. First she singled out many actors in the audience highlighting their origins and where they are from. Her point was to register the importance of diversity in Hollywood. She then went on to say “An actors only job is to enter the lives of people who are different from us and let you feel what that feels like.” There were two parts of her speech that I really loved personally one was “Breathtaking compassionate performances” which I think is important when portraying a character. But I also feel that it is important in everyday life. Compassion is what makes us human it’s our understanding of other people’s situations. It’s embracing other people’s success, supporting their downfalls and most importantly offering friendship to those people around us. Compassion is one of life’s biggest gifts. “Disrespect invites disrespect, violence insights violence, when the powerful use their position to bully others we all loose.” I couldn’t agree with this statement more. It’s the classic situation where two wrongs don’t make a right. But unfortunately the world isn’t that way inclined. There are still wars going on. While I think there is a place for hierarchy I don’t believe in it in the way it has influenced society for all these years. It infuriates me that the rich are getting richer while the little guys work hard to scrape by day by day. We as people need to respect everyone. We need to respect people from all walks of life. Respect the people in the store. Respect the homeless people. Respect yourself and treat other people with compassion.

The final quote Meryl shared was a quote by Carrie Fisher “Take your broken heart, make it into art” this is a quote I will think about every day that my brain still functions. Heart break is one of the hardest things we have to deal with as humans. Don’t thin of art as painting a picture. You can find that outlet whether it be making a cake, singing, dancing, or even doing math find what makes you tick and make that art. While you have no say in yesterday tomorrow is unknown. Keep an open mind.

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