Happiness Vs Reality

I’ve had a lot of DMs on twitter lately which all relate to happiness. The new year brings a time of change and for a lot of people you fall out of your routine whether it be work, uni or school holidays things are always a bit different around this time of year.

Personally I find Christmas a little hard sometimes because I’ve always wanted to have a special someone in my life around Christmas time. I am the only person in my family that doesn’t have a partner to share Christmas with and while there are moments there where I sometimes wish I had some special to share it with on Christmas day I looked around the table and realised how lucky I am. To my left I had one of my best friends. Looking around the table my aunty and uncle from Australia were there, my cousins and their children were there, My grandparents were there and my parents were there. There was literally 4 generations of my family. That in itself is a pretty magical feeling.

What I am trying to say is sometimes it’s not a situation or a change of situation that is going to make you feel happy or  accepted sometimes you just need to change your frame of mind. Rather than focusing on what is missing focus on what is there and appreciate that.

These times of transition are always difficult, you will probably find yourself over thinking situations and wondering what is going on in the minds of you friends, family and sometimes even what is going on inside your own mind. The thing you need to remember is it’s totally fine to not feel ok. It is understandable that you feel overwhelmed. There will be days you don’t know what to do. It’s inevitable that some days you will feel lonely. Don’t be afraid of showing emotion.

I have just started a new job and while it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me it is also the most scary. I am super lucky to have an extremely supportive team around me but there are days when I feel overwhelmed and don’t really know what to do. The new hours mean that I don’t get to see my friends as much and there are some days where I feel lonely. When I am having an “off day” I try and do something positive with my time so at least I feel like I am achieving something. Whether it be going to the gym or working on my blog. Sometimes I just sit where no one can hear me and sing. You don’t have to solve poverty or find a cure for cancer, I mean if you can that would be AMAZING but sometimes it’s the simple things you need to keep you going. Try and find something that makes you happy. I suggest finding something productive and sometimes it’s the most mundane things that make you feel like you’re making progress. Clean your room, change your sheets or empty the dishwasher. I know it sounds really lame and really boring but if you have organisation in your life somehow it rubs off on your brain and your thoughts begin to make sense.

Life is a journey you’re never going to feel good 100% of the time. Even the people that appear the most put together have off days. They have crazy thoughts and just like you and me they have days where they go home and scream into their pillow. We are all human. We are all just trying to find our way through life. There’s no right or wrong way of living it, but together we will find a way.

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