Validation & Expectation

Validation and expectation are two things that go hand in hand which I feel can really prevent us from reaching our true potential. I feel validation is present in all of our lives even if we are willing to admit it or not. For some people validation is found in the clothes they wear, the job they do or even the people that they hang out with. Validation might even be as simple as doing something that makes you feel like your life is worthwhile. On one hand you’ve got validation but then there’s expectation. The expectations you set on your own life, the expectations your parents set on you and the expectations of your friends. Sometimes living up to these expectations can be a little overwhelming.

I want to stat by saying your journey through life is totally unique to you. Yes there might be people who are in a better place from you and of course there are people in a worse position than you. The thing I want you to remember, this is your journey you shouldn’t ever compare you life to someone else’s life. You aren’t them, you won’t ever be them and that’s ok. The best thing in life is being your true self. Find people who like you for you. Find people who are genuinely interested in you as a being. It should be your heart that attracts people, your ability to hold a conversation. The paths you have travelled the distance you have come. Anyone can walk into Gucci and pick out a pair of shoes. You might not have the money to buy Gucci shoes (trust me I don’t either) what I am trying to say is it’s easy to get caught up in labels and irrelevant exterior trimmings when what really counts is on the inside.

Greed is something that is ingrained in us from a young age. We are taught to want more and to do better. I don’t actually think that is the best mentality. Walking through life never feeling good enough isn’t a healthy way to live. You should be proud of the things that you have achieved. Be proud of the person that you are. You don’t have to give back thousands it can be as simple as giving back some time. Time is just as precious if not more precious than work. Whether it be helping someone into their dream career path, volunteering at a pet shelter or serving food at the city mission there are endless options and ideas of how you can give back. We should be taught the beauty of giving from a young age. Can you imagine how beautiful life would be if we all just had the essentials of what we need to live. If every human was equal. We all had the same opportunity.

Why is there so much pressure to be in a relationship. One of my colleagues was compared to Taylor Swift in the sense of not being able to sustain a relationship. There are so many issues with this comparison. First why does Taylor Swift need to be in a relationship, how does her relationship status effect anyone other than the person she is in a relationship with? We are walking through life with this unhealthy desire to be in a relationship meaning we settle for someone just so we can be in a relationship. When I say settle for someone I am not saying settle in terms of looks I am not that shallow I mean settle in the sense that someone might not treat you right but you settle for them because it’s better than being single. I just want to remind you it’s totally ok to be single.

There are so many expectations thrust upon us. You must be good at sport, you must be musical, you have to do extra circular activities. Then later in life you get social media. You must have more than 1000 Facebook friends if you don’t get more than 300 likes on Instagram you’re not cool. You have to be head to toe in brands. If you’re a little overweight you should photoshop your photos so you look better. I know this is all a massive exaggeration but when your mind is going at a million miles an hour and the pressures of society are resting on your shoulders it might as well be as extreme as this.

Do you ever meet someone and ask yourself, “How are they so confident?” or “I wish I was a bit more like them” you my friend are putting unnecessary expectations on yourself. I know it’s not as easy as just turning it off but I am hoping that if you are aware that you are putting these pressures on yourself that eventually you will learn to overcome them. Eventually you will find comfort in your own skin, comfort in your surroundings and most importantly find comfort in the life that you life.

Remember that validation comes from within do the simple things in life that make you happy. Walk across the rocks with no shoes on. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Don’t live life for your social media followers. Don’t live life for your friends or family. Live life for yourself. You hold the key to your future if there is something you’ve always wanted to do don’t look to other people for their nod just do it. Do it because it is something you want to do. Expectation is something inside your mind it isn’t easy but try to let go of the expectations and just enjoy the simple moment. It’s never going to be all rainbows and butterflies but sometimes all you need is a walk through a garden for the sun to shine.

The weekend is just around the corner live this one for you.

All The Love.
Cam x

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