Thoughts From The Treadmill

This is multi tasking at it’s finest. Right now I am at the gym walking on the treadmill and I’ve had a rush of inspiration to write a blog so here I am. Sorry I’ve been so slack at blogging lately I am still trying to work out how to fit everything I need to do into the day. There’s something to be said for getting all your thoughts down on paper or in this case on this screen. It’s weird I bumped into a couple of my twitter friends in the street the other day and they mentioned they had read my blog about anxiety. When I am writing I don’t really think about the fact that people are actually reading this. It kinda blows my mind that people do. I don’t really keep a diary or a journal never have so I guess in part this is my journal, so thanks for reading it. I hope it helps, is relatable or enables you to escape from the everyday struggles of life.

Last weekend was a great weekend for concerts of course Saturday nights Twenty One Pilots and Sunday night Adele. Twenty One Pilots was an incredible gig I loved their energy and the way they are so engaging in the production of the show. Adele equally as amazing but it was a very different show. It is a more stripped back vibe with a couple of her favourite things (t-shirt canon and kiss cam). At an Adele show you don’t need big production, laser lights or crowd surfing. You go to enjoy the music, dance sing and in some cases you go to cleanse your heart.

Adele is a very emotive person it’s crazy to think that she is only 28. The heartbreak she has felt at such a young age while it is shattering it’s beautiful. I don’t know about you but personally I find Adele beautiful in so many ways. I wouldn’t ever expect her heart to be broken. The exciting thing is that she has found love again, she has a family and seems happier than ever. While at her concert she asked he crowd “how many of you have an ex lover you wish you never met” for a second I thought yeah that’s me. But since that moment I can’t help but disagree with her. Yeah it sucks having your heart broken, you wouldn’t wish it upon anyone and you might be angry or hurt that a relationship didn’t work out but every experience we have is an experience we can learn from.

Your heart might be broken but wouldn’t you rather feel that heart break and know what love feels like? Han to never experience love at all? Wouldn’t you rather have a broken heart but know what it’s like to love someone unconditionally? Your relationship might not have worked out this time but it won’t be your last. You’ve got a whole life ahead of you. This feeling that you’re feeling right now won’t last forever. I want you to think about what you gave in your relationship that didn’t work out. No matter why it didn’t work out I want you to now imagine a relationship where you give what you have given and imagine someone giving just as back to you. I am not talking about making dinners, buying gifts or spending money on each other I am talking about the emotional connection. Each human has layers some people are going to reveal more of their layers some people are more willing to open up and share their life with you.

There’s no right or wrong way to l be life you just have to take every day as it comes. Take every relationship for what it is. Let go of the people or relationships that don’t make you feel good. As much as you want to you can’t change someone. As much as you want to believe someone has changed the truth of the situation is they probably haven’t and probably never will. This isn’t a blanket rule, but before you rush into second chances and allowing people back into your life take time to think about your decision.

I get it sometimes people don’t need to provide anything in your life if you can provide something in theirs that makes you happy. My only concern with this is that eventually you lose yourself. You’re so busy trying to for full their happiness that you lose whose you are. If you’re in a rut and you don’t know what to do can I suggest that you quit focusing on the people around you. Stop comparing your life to your friends lives. This is your life you’ve got to live life right for you. Everyone is planning on travel but that might not be your dream. Marriage might not be on your agenda. Buying a house isn’t essential. Don’t put added pressure on yourself to do all of these things. Find the thing that makes you tick and focus on that. Maybe it’s your career maybe it’s your hobbies or it might even just be spending time with your friends. What ever you decide know that this is life things change, people change and so will your path. Embrace the opportunities that present themselves. But most importantly celebrate you. What is the reason you ask? You don’t need a reason. This is life it’s there to be celebrated.

Happy Wednesday good people of the internet.

-Cam x

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