Be Kind To Everyone

I have a motto in life. Be kind to everyone. Sometimes it is hard. Life has many frustrations after all. I just believe that if everyone was kind to everyone else the world would be a better place. You might not always understand someone’s decisions or understand why people believe the things they do but at least be kind to them. I am a firm believer that every human is equal. I don’t care if you’re the prime minister or work in the pet store I try and treat every person I come across with the respect that I would like to receive. By no means am I perfect there is plenty of times I have been rude, said things that I regret or not treated people the way that I should. But there is one example of a situation the other day which I want to share with you.

It was Friday night I pulled into the petrol station it was pouring with rain. I picked up the nozzle to fill my car, then I heard a sassy voice come over the intercom saying that the pumps are on pre-pay. At this point I was a little frustrated. I grabbed an umbrella and headed inside to pay for the petrol. When I got inside the lady was quite rude. “Have you not been to a petrol station before?” was the first question. That alone annoyed me because every petrol station is different. Some say that the pump is pre pay but when you want to fill up they let the pump go so you can fill the car and pay later. I just said “Sorry yes I have but I wanted to fill up and I’m not really sure how much petrol I need.” To which she responded telling me if I left my licence with her she would let the pump go so I could fill the car and pay later. When I handed over my licence she started mocking my hairstyle. At this point I couldn’t be bothered anymore I just wanted to get my gas and get out of there. I went back to fill my car before heading inside to pay and pick up my licence. When I went back inside I made an extra effort to be super nice to her. I have no idea what has been going on in her day but for her to treat me the way she did I just thought she probably hasn’t had the best day. I asked her how her day had been, what she has planned for the weekend and thanked her for her help in letting me leave my licence so I could get the full tank of gas. At this point her entire attitude changed and she said do you know this is the first time someone has asked me how my day is going. I found that surprising. How simple is that question but for someone standing behind a counter serving hundreds of people in a day she hadn’t ever been asked. I think it just goes to show that people are busy we expect everything to happen instantly but I think we need to remember that every person serves a purpose in society.

Next time you are talking to somebody behind a counter ask them how their day is going, thank them for the service. If it wasn’t for that lady working at the petrol station I wouldn’t be able to get back to Tauranga for the weekend to visit my family. If it wasn’t for boarder security keeping our boarders safe life wouldn’t be the way it is today. It is so easy to get frustrated by the small things in life but one thing I am learning is that there is no point dwelling on these stupid things that really wont effect us in an hour let alone a year from now.

I have no idea what it is going on in your life but use the little frustrations as inspiration to be even kinder. Kindness is infectious. If you are kind to someone, that will put them in a good mood and they will be kind to the next person they interact with. Basically we need to create a giant kindness snowball that will continue to pick people up along the way. Kindness is one of the most underrated characteristics.

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