Don’t Lose What Doesn’t Need To Be Lost

Life is full of set-backs, people telling you that you won’t be able to do something, and forever wondering if you made the right decision- or, if you should try one last time. In life there are some things that are supposed to be temporary, there are some things that you will naturally grow apart from, and there are somethings that you think you don’t need but you continue to think about every single day.

We all pave our own paths in life. While we don’t have full control over every situation, we are the only ones who can shape our own future. If we don’t put the hard work in, we don’t see the results. If we don’t try we are always left to wonder what might have been. I don’t believe that it is healthy to walk around with such massive questions on our shoulders. It’s important to find the answers and ensure that we are living to our full potential. Each day we learn and grow, we get closer to reaching our full potential. I don’t really believe we know what our true potential is. Think of your wildest dream and now think of it coming true. Once you tick that off then you move on to the next thing. Maybe humans don’t ever reach their full potential. When we are children we are so happy go lucky, society hasn’t morphed our perception of “normality,” we haven’t yet experienced what rejection is, and our little minds have no filter. As we learn and grow we understand that there are boundaries, we are scared of rejection, and we become aware of our insecurities. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those simple days when my biggest concern was seeing what was in my lunch box.

It really doesn’t matter what it- is if you are thinking about it on a daily basis it is something that you need to address. I am not saying this thing is something you should have in your life because it isn’t always as simple as that, and if someone has hurt you beyond repair I don’t think it is always healthy to offer someone a second chance. This person might not deserve a second chance, but it doesn’t mean you have to block them out forever. Meet them half way. No matter how much someone has hurt you if they were or are an important part of your life and you are still thinking about them, maybe they are supposed to be a part of your life- but in a different way. A different way being friendship. You most definitely need to set boundaries and make sure these boundaries don’t ever get overstepped. There will be people who tell you to run, there will be people who will judge you, but, at the end of the day this is your life and you have the ability to make your own decisions. Too often in life we are influenced by other peoples’ experiences. Nobody truly knows what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, and the interactions you’ve had with another human. Life has a weird way of working itself out. Sometimes it isn’t what you want, but life is all about finding a compromise and it might work out better being a part of that person’s life rather than not knowing them at all.

This stems further than just people-it could be a job. If there is something you have always wanted to do, and you think about it every day, don’t take no as an answer. Find a way to make that dream a reality. It isn’t something that is going to happen overnight but who’s to say that it won’t happen? I have been told multiple times that I will never host a radio show. I now host a nationwide show every night. To this day I am a little confused how that happened, but I feel like it is the universe telling me that no matter what, hard work pays off in the end. While radio is a dream of mine it isn’t my ultimate goal in life, and I know I have a lot more to offer the world. I think the most important thing when thinking about a career is thinking about what makes you happy, what you are really passionate about. Passion comes in all shapes and forms. You might be passionate about helping people sort their finances, helping people find a dress for their wedding, or helping people live a healthier lifestyle. The thing I love about the world that we live in is the diversity that comes with it. There are so many different paths and options we can take. Nothing is forever, and if it doesn’t work out this time or in this field there’s nothing stopping you from trying something else. 

It’s not the first time I’ve said it and I definitely don’t think it will be the last. This is your life. You’ve only got one opportunity to live it. Make the most of it. Do all the things you want to do and more. Never settle for second. You are, and you can be, the best. Life brings hurdles. Life brings road blocks. This is a marathon not a sprint. Try, and when you don’t succeed, try again until you do. People change. Nothing is absolute. Trust yourself. Be brave. 

“If you can’t stop thinking about it don’t stop working for it.”


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