Live In The Moment

Living in the moment is one of the most important things we can do as humans yet we don’t do it. Go to a concert and everyone has their phone out taking photos and videos. Go for a walk in nature and you’re thinking about the good places you can take a cool Instagram photo. Hang out with friends and you’re thinking about something else. I am the worst at all of these things which is why this summer I am making it my mission to live in the moment more. I want to enjoy each moment for what it is. I want to enjoy each moment as it happens. While it’s nice to be doing something all the time and make the most of every minute it’s actually super important to do nothing and be content doing nothing.

My challenge to you this summer is to live in the moment. Spend less time checking your phone and more time exploring. Spend less time on social media and spend more time with the people around you. Try and have a social media free day. why not even try live without your phone for a day. Turn it off or if you want to listen to music put it on flight mode. It is crazy how much we rely on our phones to fill the moments where we aren’t doing anything. Do you know how beautiful the world around us is. All you need to do is look away from the screen for five minutes and just enjoy what you’re seeing. Maybe you’re not the kind of person who is on their phone all the time. Maybe you don’t really use social media. Maybe you need to push the boundaries and try something new. Go bungy jumping or try jet skiing for the first time. Maybe it’s something less extreme, maybe you want to go on a bush walk that you’ve never done before. There are endless opportunities all around you just waiting to be explored.

Sorry it’s a short one today but I am taking a leaf out of my own book and I am going bike riding! Catch you on the flip side!

2 thoughts on “Live In The Moment

  1. I agree life is to short for us not to fill it with enjoyable moments. We get so caught up in our daily grind we lose out on the fun part of life. But in the same juncture, it is so easy to spend every day looking forward to the next exciting moment in ones life. For instance, it is Monday at work and I’m looking forward to the concert this weekend. When doing this the current moment is overlooked; the simple moments that make up life. All of the sudden we’ve missed out on our whole life, constantly waiting for the next fun thing to happen.

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