The Power Of Communication

Communication is the most important thing in my eyes. Without communication how would society function. How would relationships work. How would a team function. None of these things would be possible and life wouldn’t be life the way we know it. While there are some people who have the ability to communicate who I really wish didn’t… YES KEYBOARD WARRIORS I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU. Anyway I’m trying to focus on the importance of positive communication here.

Communication is something that baffles me. It is one of the most important things in everyday life yet it is constantly lacking. The thing that frustrates me the most about a lack of communication is the amount ion judgement that comes with it. Ok a scenario. You’re at work and someone you work with expects you to do something by a particular time. They ask you to do the task and you go through all of the things you want to achieve in the day and you priorities the things you think are important. The task you were asked to do doesn’t seem urgent so you begin working on other tasks. When they return to ask where it is they’re frustrated you haven’t done the work. In reality you aren’t in the wrong because no timeframe was given. I feel situations like this are too common.

Do you ever have those situations where it feels like people you work, friends, flatmates or parents are annoyed with you for not doing something or they feel like you’re not doing enough. Yes there are some situations where it is obvious when some extra help is required but sometimes you are oblivious to these times of need. I like to think I am pretty perceptive when it comes to getting things done. The truth is nobody is perfect and I am sure there are sometimes where I could help out a bit more but am in my own cloud. It is super frustrating when people don’t voice that they need your help. Take it from me, it’s better to ask someone to do something than get annoyed and not say anything.

Saying something. I know what you’re thinking, but Cam I don’t want to be bossy. Well there’s a way to ask people to do things without sounding bossy. If you need someone to do something you can always justify it by explaining what you are doing. For example you are writing an email requesting permission to use a local park. “Hey Geoff I am justing writing an email to the council to request permission to have our event in Albert Park would you mind getting some quotes for 300 helium balloons? We will need the quotes by 3pm tomorrow at the latest” I like this approach as it sounds more like a team effort rather than just saying “Hey Geoff can you get some quotes for helium balloons” it almost sounds like you’re accusing Geoff that he isn’t doing anything. It’s also important you give detail (the number of balloons and when you need the quotes). You might be reading this thinking that it’s the most obvious thing in the world and if you are thank you for being one of the good humans.

Maybe I am just a rebel and hate being told what to do but if there is something that infuriates me more than anything it’s being told to do something when I am literally going to do it. If you’re with someone and you see them getting up rather than saying “Hey Geoff can you go and empty the dishwasher” put it in a question. You are a human you see them getting up. “Where are you going?” It then gives Geoff the opportunity to say oh I’m actually just going to empty the dishwasher. If in fact Geoff was getting up to go to the bathroom that’s when you can ask “Would you mind emptying the dishwasher.” It can be difficult asking someone to do something because you don’t want to sound patronising. Just remember each person works in different ways. We can’t get along with everyone nor can we please everyone. If there is someone who is rubbing you up the wrong way I suggest you talk to them about the way they speak to you. Chances are if they were in your shoes they wouldn’t be perfect either. Remember that when you’re at your wits end.

Well that was kinda random but I hope it helps if you’re struggling with communication in any area of your life.


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