An Open Letter To Larries

Whether you believe in Larry or not is one story whether you agree with what I am about to write is another story but to be honest I am excited to live in a society where happiness outweighs the pressures of society. The One Direction fandom is unlike any other fandom. The dedication and devotion […]

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Forward Momentum

The other day I was in a conversation with a friend about some things that had happened a couple of years ago and it got me thinking. It got me thinking about what I know now and what I might have done differently back then. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and while there are a […]

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New Perspective

It’s 2016 and with a change in year comes an opportunity. An opportunity to think about everything you achieved in the previous year and an opportunity to look forward and plan for the coming year. One thing that I learned in 2016 was that my first impression with people isn’t always good. Just like everyone […]

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Pre Christmas Tension

It’s quickly coming to the end of the year which is a scary prospect in itself. But that’s not half as scary as how tiring it gets at this time of year. Not only is work busy with everyone trying to get everything done before taking a break, I feel personal lives are getting hectic […]

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Look Beauty In The Eye

Today I was scrolling around the internet, then I came across a video. The video wasn’t really anything too impressive at first glance. Basically it feautures a girl going around her school filming people saying they’re beautiful. Their responses are the part that I find amazing. One simple act. One simple reaction but the realisation […]

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Leap Of Faith

This is the 19th time I have tried to start this blog. I wanted to write about trust because it has always been something I have struggled with. It is something I think about quite often. Trust will quite possibly be the beginning of my insanity. I don’t even know why it is something I […]

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Be Brave

It’s been a weird week to be completely honest with you. Weird not in a bad way, not in a good way either just in a way of not really knowing. The unknown is something that scares me a little bit. When I say a little bit I mean a lot. I am not really […]

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