The Key To Perplexity

Humans are intricate intriguing beings. We are all made up of so many different layers, different  chemicals and different life experiences which shape who we are. While we are all so different we all have different requirements. While in our moments of need it would be nice for someone to tell us what we should […]

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Life is a journey, sometimes it feels endless but like every story life has a beginning, a middle and an end. I believe the middle part is the most important. It’s inevitable that life begins and ends but it’s what you make of your life that really counts. I’m not saying you have to make […]

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Million Reasons

I’m a bit of a weirdo in the sense that I like to have order in my life. I like to have structure and some form of routine. Which for those if you who know me will be very confusing. You will be confused because I seem like some mental case that just does weird […]

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