Pre 2019 Thoughts

2018 has been another wild year. It’s one of those years that has flown by. I feel like as you get older time goes faster. I remember being a child and my grandparents would say “Enjoy this time because soon time will go so fast.” I never really understood what they meant by it until […]

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The Key To Perplexity

Humans are intricate intriguing beings. We are all made up of so many different layers, different  chemicals and different life experiences which shape who we are. While we are all so different we all have different requirements. While in our moments of need it would be nice for someone to tell us what we should […]

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You & Only You

Life is full of stages, experiences, lessons and growth. I believe that every day should be a step forward. It should be the opportunity to learn and grow and most importantly you should begin to feel more and more comfortable in your own skin. This isn’t something you can force. It will come naturally and when […]

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Truth Of Truths

I know I’ve been posting a lot about being yourself and finding your own happiness and while I haven’t really revealed the real reason why I am writing these posts I finally feel comfortable about sharing these thoughts with you. For a long time I was hoping maybe we could patch things up. For a […]

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